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Husband’s ‘humiliating’ behavior at son’s 1st birthday sets off red flags on TikTok: ‘Divorce immediately’

A dad’s behavior at his son’s first birthday party is going viral on TikTok — and hopefully, the footage is teaching partners everywhere that “No” is always a full sentence.

Mom and TikTok user @candie1983 gained over 2 million views, 188,000 likes and 4,900 comments, when she uploaded what should have been a treasured memory to her TikTok account.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a man go viral for ruining a special, once-in-a-lifetime moment. One groom shocked over 30 million TikTokers with his “disgusting” wedding vows for his bride — and one dad’s “ugly” reaction to finding out his wife was pregnant with a little girl horrified over 42 million viewers.

But @candie1983‘s video is unique in that it’s sparking an important conversation about consent in relationships — even over something as seemingly innocent as a smash cake.

According to @candie1983‘s video caption, she refers to this now-viral moment as “the time I wanted to choke my husband.”

Surrounded by family she had only just met for the very first time, and after a difficult, high-risk pregnancy, @candie1983 was eager to have a picture-perfect first birthday party for their little boy.

However, @candie1983‘s husband had other plans. When their son didn’t seem very interested in making a mess of his smash cake, Dad took matters into his own hands — literally.

But rather than making a mess of the baby, he turned the icing on his wife — something she tells him firmly not to do, pushing the cake away from her face. She compromises by going for a playful lick — only to receive a face full of icing, ruining any hopes of a family photo.

“we didnt get but one photo before i had to shower,” @candie1983 writes in the caption. “Not sure why he thought this was a good idea… I cried like a baby at the memories lost, cake was even cut while i showered 😳🥹 If he does tbis ever again, he wont live to talk about it.”

‘I will never understand people who find humor in publicly humiliating their spouses’

TikTokers were shocked by the dad’s behavior, leaving nearly 5,000 comments on the viral footage.

“Divorce immediately,” TikTok user @remysbistroinparis wrote.

“Walking,talking RED flag! 😳😬,” commented @bgee2829.

“I will never understand people who find humor in publicly humiliating their spouses,” wrote @simonesontiktok.

“Your feelings are 1000% valid. Sure, everyone has different senses of humor but he should’ve respected yours and how important this moment was to you,” commented @ani__mel.

“You said no. The reason doesn’t matter. This would’ve been upsetting to me too,” @keyshmae commented.

“I simply wouldn’t get over this,” wrote @mrs_jrs.

To this, @candie1983 replied, “I haven’t, nearly a year… i haven’t, i think it was the turn we haven’t recovered from. I’m trying thou.”

However, some TikTokers didn’t see the big deal and took the husband’s side.

“Why is everyone pressed it’s just cake chill out lol,” wrote @miroswoodward.

“It seems like he was just trying to have fun and mess around… 🙄,” commented @missaveryraeh.

“I feel like this was a cute video? I even hear him say ‘you sure?’ And you say no while smiling but then stick ur tongue out. Simple miscommunication,” wrote @_briannaquinn.

To this, @tinat3under3 replied, “How is saying ‘no’ in any way a miscommunication?”

Hopefully, @candie1983‘s husband — and partners around the world — will learn from this viral moment that “No” always means “No,” even when it comes to cake.

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