This "Husband Calling Contest" At The Iowa State Fair Is The Most Uniquely American Thing I've Ever Seen

The Iowa State Fair has given us a lot to talk about this year!

An aerial view of the Iowa State Fair
Brandon Bell / Getty Images

We've gotten this thirsty-ass picture of Senator Amy Klobuchar and shirtless firefighters:

State Fair pro tip: You don’t want to miss the Minnesota firefighters at the @MNAFLCIO.

— Amy Klobuchar (@amyklobuchar) August 25, 2023

Twitter: @amyklobuchar

We've gotten ridiculous fried foods like this year's *infamous* deep-fried bacon brisket mac n cheese grilled cheese sandwich:

First fair food eat: deep fried bacon brisket mac n cheese grilled cheese!!

— Dana Searles (@DanaSearles) August 11, 2023

Twitter: @DanaSearles

And now, I'm just discovering the "husband calling contest."

A woman standing at microphone and participating in the "Husband Calling Contest"

The Des Moines Register posted clips of this year's contest on TikTok, and it's pretty good:


Contestants compete in the husband calling contest at the Iowa State Fair. #IowaStateFair #Iowa #Husbandcallingcontest #Winner #desmoinesiowa #DSMUSA

♬ original sound - Des Moines Register



Replying to @Allysa We got more! Kyle if you are out there please replace the toilet roll. Click the link in our bio to read the full story. #Iowa #IowaStateFair #husbandcallingcontest #winner #kyle #desmoinesiowa #Desmoines #Dsmusa

♬ original sound - Des Moines Register


From this barking woman...

  @dmregister/ this lady who sounds like a rooster.

A person competing in the contest

This woman is like the Celine Dion of husband yelling... She held that damn note!

A woman participating in the contest

Ultimately, I'd say this is one of the most uniquely American things I've ever seen.

A closeup of a woman with the caption "1st Place"

I aspire to be all of you.

A woman looking very angry