Hunter Biden Pens Op-Ed Hitting Back at GOP’s ‘Weaponization’ of His Addiction

Mike Segar/Reuters
Mike Segar/Reuters

In an op-ed published by USA Today on Thursday, Hunter Biden accused conservative media and lawmakers of the “weaponization” of his drug addiction, using it to start a “vile and sustained disinformation campaign” against his father, President Joe Biden. In a rare public rebuke, he wrote that the attacks would harm the “20 million Americans today who suffer from substance abuse disorder” by pushing an argument centered around “the demonization of addiction, [and] of human frailty.” He also pointed out that the criminal charges filed against him for possession of an unloaded gun—part of a controversial case in which Republicans claim Biden received special treatment—were “the first-ever of their kind brought in the history of Delaware.” Last month, he pleaded not guilty after a plea deal involving separate tax offenses fell apart. The op-ed did not address House Republicans’ probe of Hunter and his overseas business, and their efforts to tie it to Joe Biden.

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