‘C’mon Albo:’ Protesters target PM’s office

Rally Melbourne
Protesters have rallied across the country to call on the government to end native to forest logging nationwide. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Josie Hayden

Protesters have gathered outside the Marrickville electoral office of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese as part of a nationwide push to end native forest logging.

Hundreds gathered on Marrickville Rd holding signs demanding Mr Albanese “do better” to address climate change.

Chants of “save the forests” could be heard among whistles, drum beats and cheers as protesters marched past the office.

The protests, organised by the Bob Brown Foundation, were held simultaneously across most capital cities and drew a reported 5000 attendants.

“Australia is on the move. Native Forest logging is finished. C’mon Albo, C’mon,” the Foundation posted online.

The Marrickville rally joins other protests across the country, calling on the government to end native forest logging nationwide.

Rallies were organised in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Hobart on Saturday.

Greens MP and environment spokesperson Sue Higginson said the mood in Marrickville was “absolutely electric” on Saturday afternoon.

“I feel we are on the brink of change,” she said.

“There’s a real momentum across the country, people are showing their political power when the government isn’t doing enough.

“This is what people power is all about … people mobilising in the spirit of hope and directing that into places where they hope it will be heard.”

Events were also held in towns impacted by native forest logging, such as Ulladulla and Lismore on the NSW coast, and Albury.

Victoria Greens Senator Janet Rice addressed political leaders who joined hundreds of people rallying in Melbourne.

“I want you to feel the threat from 50 years of protesting that has led to the end of native forest logging in Victoria,” Ms Rice said.

“Lets bring it home; lets end native forest logging across the country – forever. “

Rally Melbourne
The rally marked the third day of protest action targeting native forest logging. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Josie Hayden

Protesters were seen carrying signs urging for climate action, as well as the Extinction Rebellion insignia.

A protester, dressed in a full-sized owl suit, carried a sign stating that “wildlife matters”.

The rallies marked the third day of protest action lead by environmental group the Bob Brown Foundation.

Rally Melbourne
Demonstrators dressed up for the rally, with a focus on animals under threat. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Josie Hayden
Rally Melbourne
Koalas and owls are among the animals environmentalists say are at risk in native forests. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Josie Hayden

Founded by the former Greens leader, the group hopes to put pressure on Labor MPs in multiple states.

Leaders will meat for the 43rd ALP National Conference next week, with forest logging on the agenda.

The Victorian government announced earlier this year it would end early native forest logging in the state.

The move was applauded by environmental advocates who say native forest logging is harmful and costly.

Proponents, including the Forestry Corporation of NSW, claim local logging reduces international imports.

Rally Melbourne
Band Goanna performed their song Takayna on Saturday. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Josie Hayden

The operations, many of which are in fire ravaged forests in NSW, also provide jobs to local workers.

Despite talks prior to the election, the NSW government has so far not committed to ending the practise.

The state has seen intensifying protest action targeting loggers following the Black Summer bushfires.

On Thursday, protesters took to logged areas across the NSW coastline as part of a “forest action”.

Two “tree-sitters” took up residence in the Currawon and Shallow Crossing state forests near Ulladulla.

In a statement, the Brooman State Forest Group said protesters had been able to halt logging operations.

“Activists climbed 20m above the ground to occupy a tree-sit connected to logging machinery in each compartment,” they said.

“This is the second time in six months that logging operations have been halted by protests in Shallow Crossing.”

The following day, protesters rallied outside local Labor leader’s offices across the country, including in fire-ravaged Bega,

Rally Melbourne
Protest action will continue into next week. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Josie Hayden

Local news reported seeing as many as 40 protesters gathering and dancing outside of the Monaro MP’s office on Friday.

The protests by Bob Brown Foundation and supported by a range of local and national groups, are expected to culminate next week.

Demonstrators will gather in Brisbane on August 19 at Musgrave Park for the ALP National Conference.