Hugh Hefner's Son Marston Got Real About His OnlyFans And Why He Faces A "Double Standard" From His Family

Marston Hefner — who is currently 33 years old — is one of late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner's four children.

marsten posing with two women
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He also has an OnlyFans.

In a recent interview with The Messenger, Marston talked about his decision to start his own OF — as well as the scrutiny he faces in his own family, especially in relation to the family business.

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"There's that line where my family would be like, 'That's pornography,''' he explained while discussing what he does — and doesn't — post to his page.

"But as long as I do just tasteful nudes, then it's not pornography, that sort of idea. That's ridiculous in my opinion."

Marston also specified that he hasn't posted any sexually explicit content to his account just yet — but he still faces a "double standard in my family" regardless.

"You can be the CEO of the people getting naked. But don't be the person getting naked," Marston said, after referencing how it "wasn't as acceptable" in the Playboy empire for men to take part in sex work.

"It's fucking bullshit," he said. "That upsets me. Because I don't think that's right, the stigma of sex workers. You can pay sex workers but you can't fucking be one?"

If Marston's perspective on his family's past and how it relates to his present gig is less than rosy, then he's much more positive about his recent OF venture. "I'm not crazy about Instagram, but on OnlyFans, people are really friendly," he says.

"They say they find me attractive, which is nice. They find my interests, my genuineness interesting. It's just a positive experience. And it sounds like it's not just my experience."

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