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How to watch the 2024 NBA Draft tonight

PARIS, FRANCE - APRIL 28: Zaccharie Risacher of Bourg en Bresse Basket looks on during the Betclic Elite match between Paris and Bourg en Bresse Basket at Adidas Arena on April 28, 2024 in Paris, France. (Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images)
Zaccharie Risacher was the top pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. (Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images)

The NBA season may be over following the Celtics victory over the Mavericks, but the NBA action continues this week with the 2024 NBA Draft. The Atlanta Hawks held the coveted first pick this year, selecting Frenchman Zaccharie Risacher as their top pick. Fellow Frenchman Alexandre Sarr took the second spot, selected by the Washington Wizards. Are you ready to tune in to the second day of the 2024 NBA Draft? Here’s everything you need to know, including times, channels, where to stream it all and the full Draft order.

Date: Thursday, June 27

Draft time: 4 p.m. ET

TV channel: ESPN

Streaming: ESPN+

The 2024 NBA draft continues this Thursday, June 27 at 4 p.m. ET.

The 2024 NBA Draft will air across ABC and ESPN. ABC will air only the first round, and ESPN will cover the entire event. The NBA Draft will also stream on ESPN+.

The NBA Draft will stream on ESPN+. An ESPN+ subscription grants you access to exclusive ESPN+ content including live events, fantasy sports tools and premium ESPN+ articles. You can stream ESPN+ through an app on your smart TV, phone, tablet, computer and on

$10.99/month at ESPN

The Atlanta Hawks hold the first overall pick in this year’s Draft.

French wing Zaccharie Risacher and UConn center Donovan Clingan are the two known targets for the Atlanta Hawks, but there is no clear No. 1 Draft pick just yet.

Yahoo Sports has a mock draft ready for you.

First Round Order: Picks 1-30

1. Atlanta Hawks

2. Washington Wizards

3. Houston Rockets - via Brooklyn

4. San Antonio Spurs

5. Detroit Pistons

6. Charlotte Hornets

7. Portland Trail Blazers

8. San Antonio Spurs - via Toronto

9. Memphis Grizzlies

10. Utah Jazz

11. Chicago Bulls

12. Oklahoma City Thunder - via Houston

13. Sacramento Kings

14. Portland Trail Blazers - via Golden State Warriors through Boston and Memphis

15. Miami Heat

16. Philadelphia 76ers

17. Los Angeles Lakers - rights to New Orleans

18. Orlando Magic

19. Toronto Raptors - via Indiana

20. Cleveland Cavaliers

21. New Orleans - via Milwaukee

22. Phoenix Suns

23. Milwaukee Bucks - via New Orleans

24. New York Knicks - via Dallas Mavericks

25. New York Knicks

26. Washington Wizards - via LA Clippers through Dallas and Oklahoma City

27. Minnesota Timberwolves

28. Denver Nuggets

29. Utah Jazz - via Oklahoma City through Toronto and Indiana

30. Boston Celtics

Second Round Order: Picks 31-58

31. Toronto Raptors - via Detroit through New York and LA Clippers

32. Utah Jazz - via Washington through Detroit and Brooklyn

33. Milwauke Bucks - via Portland through Sacramento

34. Portland Trail Blazers - via Charlotte through Denver, Oklahoma City and New Orleans

35. San Antonio Spurs

36. Indiana Pacers - via Toronto through Philadelphia, LA Clippers and Memphis

37. Minnesota Timberwolves - via Minnesota through LA Lakers, Washington and Oklahoma City

38. New York Knicks - via Utah

39. Memphis Grizzlies - via Brooklyn through Houston

40. Portland Trail Blazers - via Atlanta

41. Philadelphia 76ers - via Chicago through Boston, San Antonio and New Orleans

42. Charlotte Hornets - via Houston through Oklahoma City

43. Miami Heat

44. Houston Rockets - via Golden State through Atlanta

45. Sacrament Kings

46. LA Clippers - via Indiana through Memphis and Milwaukee

47. Orlando Magic

48. San Antonio Spurs - via LA Lakers through Memphis

49. Indiana Pacers - via Cleveland

50. Indiana Pacers - via New Orleans

51. Washington Wizards - via Phoenix

52. Golden State Warriors - via Milwaukee through Indiana

53. Detroit Pistons - via New York through Philadelphia and Charlotte

54. Boston Celtics - via Boston through Sacramento

55. Los Angeles Lakers - via LA Clippers

56. Denver Nuggets - via Minnesota through Oklahoma City

57. Memphis Grizzlies - via Oklahoma City through Houston and Phoenix

58. Dallas Mavericks - via Boston through Charlotte