K-Pop Girl Group IVE Has Released Their First All-English Single With Saweetie, And We Talked To Them About All Things "All Night"

Since debuting in December 2021, IVE has gone from impressive rookies to industry powerhouses.

Now, they are here to make their mark with their first all-English single "All Night." The song may sound very familiar, and that's because it is the group's reimagined version of the iconic pop song of the same namesake, previously released by Icona Pop back in 2013.

This new release by IVE is not just exciting because it is reimagining an iconic pop song, but they are also collaborating with popular Western artist Saweetie.

BuzzFeed sat down with IVE to chat about "All Night," their success from the last year, and what's next for them.

kpop group IVE with artist saweetie

1.If you could describe your members as a snack, what would they be?

2.Describe your new single “All Night” in one word or phrase.

3.This latest release is about letting all your worries go. What are some things you do to enjoy the moment and release any worries?

4.What advice would you give to fans who are struggling with enjoying the moment?

5.What was the most memorable moment you had while making your first all-English song?

6.How was working with Saweetie?

7.Almost everyone knows the original version of “All Night” when it first released back in 2013. How does it feel to release a reimagined version of an iconic pop song?

8.Having now collaborated with Saweetie, who is another artist you’d love to collaborate with in the future?

9.If you had to choose one song from your discography to describe yourself, which song would it be and why?

10.If you had a message for your 10-year-old self, what would it be?

11.It’s been over two years since you debuted with “Eleven”! When reflecting on your time as IVE, how have you grown since your debut?

12.From the beginning, IVE has proven to be a talented girl group and has the awards to back it up. Having received various awards, including Golden Disc Awards Rookie Artist of the Year, Asia Artist Awards Best Artist, and more, how does it feel to be an established artist in the industry at this early stage of your career?

13.Can you give any words of advice for people who want to make their dreams a reality?

14. Your first world tour “SHOW WHAT I HAVE” is coming up! What are you most looking forward to?

Twitter: @IVEstarship

JANGWONYOUNG: I’m really looking forward to visiting countries all around the globe with our IVE members and meeting all our global fans because they’re so precious to me.ANYUJIN: I’m excited to experience the energy from the concerts around the world, and I’m looking forward to eating lots of good food with my members while on tour.

15.Of course, you are excited to meet your fans from around the world! But besides performing and meeting your fans internationally, what are you most excited for with this world tour?

16.Can you share a teaser for what fans can expect on your world tour?

17.Share a message with DIVEs and our readers!

18.What does K-pop mean to you?

Thanks for hanging out with us IVE! If you can't get enough of them, be sure to listen to their latest song "All Night" and follow them on Instagram, X (formerly known as Twitter), and YouTube.

Are you a DIVE? Comment below your favorite song by them and what you're most excited about for this amazing group!

I've personally had "Baddie" playing on repeat since it came out.