Home and Away confirms who attacked Felicity in emotional scenes

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

The following article contains discussion of topics including sexual assault.

Home and Away's Felicity Newman comes face-to-face with her attacker in high-stakes scenes on UK screens next week.

Felicity manages to trap the man who has been tormenting her by using his own blackmail demands against him.

Last month, Felicity's drink was spiked while she was cheering on Lyrik at the Battle of the Bands competition. An unknown man sexually assaulted her, then later threatened to release video footage of her ordeal unless she paid him.

In next week's scenes on Channel 5, Felicity's husband Tane Parata discovers that she has borrowed money from her brother Cash under false pretences. Felicity plans to use the cash to pay off the blackmailer and promises him that he'll get his money.

embargo 03012022 cash newman and felicity newman in home and away
Endemol Shine - Channel 5

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Tane warns Felicity that it's only a matter of time before the individual in question makes another threat. This proves to be correct when the man demands another $20,000.

Pushed to breaking point, Felicity secretly negotiates with the blackmailer and drops off a bag of cash in a remote bin.

Felicity then watches on nearby to see who turns up. A man, Jeremy, arrives at the scene and retrieves the bag – giving Felicity the opportunity to discreetly take several pictures of him and his car license plates.

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Channel 5

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Meanwhile, Tane worries about Felicity when he realises that she has gone AWOL and has left a strange note behind.

Tane tells Cash about the blackmail, defying Felicity's wishes to keep it secret.

The pair manage to track down Felicity, who's full of mixed emotions after seeing her attacker and finally managing to secure evidence against him.

embargo 04092023 cash newman, tane parata and felicity newman in home and away
Channel 5

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Rose Delaney is then brought onto the case. Armed with enough proof of who was responsible, she heads off to arrest Jeremy.

Jeremy is escorted into the police station by Rose, which leads to an emotional Felicity coming face-to-face with him in the building's reception area.

Cash leads the official police interview with Jeremy and seizes his phone as evidence.

embargo 04092023 cash newman, rose delaney and jeremy in home and away
Channel 5

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The device contains incriminating text message exchanges with Felicity, as well as a disturbing picture showing her unconscious.

The phone is examined further and Rose reports back that Felicity wasn't Jeremy's only victim. Police charges against Jeremy seem inevitable, but will Cash be able to stay professional in the interview room?

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