Home and Away to air shock arrest in Dana story

Home and Away spoilers follow from Australian-pace episodes, which some UK viewers may prefer to avoid.

Home and Away will be airing a big arrest in Australia this week, as Dana Matheson is finally caught by corrupt cop Madden.

In scenes that will air in Australia this week, and in the UK in November, Cash Newman's battle against his dodgy colleague hits a major setback as Cash continues to try to help new arrival Dana and her sister, Harper.

In a storyline that began airing recently in Australia, Cash reconnected with his old friend Harper, before finding out that her sister Dana is on the run after being framed for drugs charges by her boyfriend, Ollie.

cash newman in home and away
Jeremy Greive - Channel 5

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Unfortunately, corrupt Madden has been secretly working with Ollie against Dana - and now it's down to Cash to prove it.

TV Week reports that Cash will be appealing to the Anti-Corruption Board over Madden's behaviour this week, as he knows that his colleague is dodgy but he can't prove it just yet.

Actor Nicholas Cartwright, who plays Cash, explained that his character becomes even more suspicious when he realises that Dana's statement is missing her alibi - a fact which she revealed exclusively to Madden.

"Cash clues onto the many discrepancies in Madden's investigation," he said. "After that, it's red flag after red flag. I don't think Cash anticipates quite how far Madden is willing to go."

jessica redmayne and ally harris as harper and dana in home and away
Channel 5

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The next day, things get even worse when Irene Roberts learns that her house guest, Harper, is secretly hiding Dana in her home too.

Soon afterwards, Madden shows up on Irene's doorstep demanding to see Harper immediately. While the sisters prepare to accept their fate, Irene decides to take a stand instead, and she orders Madden to get a warrant or get out.

Madden heads off to scheme with another corrupt colleague, Fletcher, while Cash shows up at Irene's to lower the tension. Dana wonders whether she should just come clean, but Cash urges the group to hang on for a little longer - he believes that he can expose Madden once and for all.

"Cash simply isn't willing to stand by and witness police corruption," Nicholas explained. "The consequences are irrelevant to him, because he feels so strongly about his course of action."

cash newman in home and away
Channel 5

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Unfortunately, things don't go Cash's way when Madden returns with a warrant and another demand to see Harper.

Desperate to keep her sister out of trouble, Dana makes the huge decision to come out of hiding, and Madden is quick to make his triumphant arrest.

Has Dana made a big mistake in giving herself up, and can Cash find a way to expose nasty Madden's true colours?

Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6.30pm on 5STAR and the show also streams on My5.

In Australia, the show airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm on Channel 7 and streams on 7plus.

Selected classic episodes are available via Prime Video in the UK.

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