Hollywood Agent’s Son Arrested for Butchering Wife Had Samurai Sword Collection: Report

Los Angeles Police Department
Los Angeles Police Department

Samuel Haskell, the man arrested on suspicion of murder after a woman’s torso was found in a dumpster last week, was reportedly infatuated with weapons, keeping samurai swords, crossbow, and guns in the California home he shared with his wife and in-laws, all of whom remained missing on Tuesday. Haskell, the 35-year-old son of a once prominent agent-to-the-stars, also “had a fixation, bordering on obsession, for martial arts,” his next-door neighbor told the New York Post. Elle Benami said that Haskell’s wife, Mei Li Haskell, whose butchered remains police believe were the ones found in a plastic bag last Wednesday, didn’t approve of the weapons. “I know Mei didn’t like having those things inside the house and she wanted him to get rid of them,” Benami told the Post. She added that, the night before Haskell was arrested, Benami’s daughter heard one of the family’s children scream. “My daughter said she heard a scream, ‘Help! Help! Hello?’” the neighbor recounted. “And then she heard a car door slam and screeching of tires and a car driving off.”

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