Hollyoaks: Peri suffers a panic attack

Episode 6255

Channel 4 streaming release date: Wednesday 29 November 2023 at 19:30

E4 airdate: Thursday 30 November 2023 at 19:00

A video posted online regarding Rayne's murder gets to Peri. During Peri's counselling session, her relationship with Romeo is called into question. Peri opens up about feeling like Rayne is everywhere haunting her. A panic attack is triggered, resulting in her abruptly ending the session.

Romeo tries to help comfort Peri, but Prince and Hunter interrupt. When Peri opens up to the brothers about her counselling session, they push her to tell them more about what she remembers, which leads to her storming out.

After speaking to her mum, Peri goes back to Romeo, where they both agree they still want each other.

Meanwhile, it's Lucas' first day back on the football team, but a message from Dillon telling him he'll see him there leaves him coming down with a sudden sickness bug.

Arguments arise between Ste and James on how to handle Lucas' behaviour. When Lucas storms out after overhearing, James is left with the challenge of making an effort with his stepson. James catches up with Lucas and pushes him to admit what's really going on.

Elsewhere, before leaving the village, Camilla leaves Nadira with some advice, warning her against the Harcourts. Sienna extends an olive branch to Ethan, but still hurting, he's unable to forgive her.

Also today, Scott disrupts a game of hide and seek and shares his concerns that Miley's dad might want to gain custody of her, with the youngster overhearing.

Writer: Karissa Hamilton-Bannis

Director: Neil J Wilkinson

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