Hollyoaks' James Nightingale makes Rayne Royce discovery

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

James Nightingale made a discovery about Rayne Royce on Hollyoaks, with the influencer’s web of lies slowly unravelling.

Rayne has been manipulating boyfriend Romeo in recent weeks, with her actions including an attempt to blackmail Peri and falsely accusing Prince McQueen of sexual assault.

Last night’s episode saw the influencer turn violent, pushing Romeo through a table as she panicked after he threatened to leave, and tonight’s (August 22) episode began as the couple were in shock about what happened.

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Whilst James began his plans to dig up dirt on his son’s girlfriend via a private investigator, Rayne pleaded with Romeo not to leave her until she had the chance to explain herself.

She reasoned that her behaviour was partly due to being bullied in her childhood, before making a shock confession about ex-boyfriend Brent, who had recently died by suicide.

The influencer revealed that she told Brent to end his life just a day before his death, but Romeo grew angry at the fact that she had let Lacey think she was the last person to speak to Brent whilst he was alive.

Romeo subsequently left to clear his head and fix his wounded hand, telling Peri that he had simply got a bit tipsy and cut his hand. As she recalled a moment where her and Juliet argued, she revealed she forgave her as she loved her.

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With Peri suspecting that Romeo wasn't telling the truth, her attempt to pry out more information backfired as he went back to Rayne, who had packed her stuff in a bid for sympathy.

Thinking about Peri's words, Romeo took Rayne back and revealed he didn't want to lose her so soon after Juliet's passing, with the influencer grinning devilishly as he turned his back.

Peri returned to James, Hunter and Prince to relay information on her conversation with Romeo, but James revealed he couldn't find any damning evidence against Rayne. He did, however, note that he managed to trace Brent's mother, Cheryl.

As the group located her social media accounts, they spotted a slew of negative comments aimed at Rayne on her channels, realising that the influencer had been deleting the messages from her feed.

Does Cheryl hold the key for Rayne's downfall?...

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