Hollyoaks: Goldie plans revenge on Carter

Hollyoaks: Goldie plans revenge on Carter

Episode 6202

Channel 4 streaming release date: Friday 15 September 2023

E4 airdate: Friday 15 September 2023 at 19:00

Channel 4 airdate: Monday 18 September 2023 at 18:30

It's Goldie's first day in her new job and she's seeing it as a mission to take down Carter, leaving Sally concerned.

At school, Hunter finds a letter from Freya declaring her love for him. Hearing that journalists are coming into the school to report on the new headteacher, Hunter confides in Carter about his concerns over not being able to do his job with what has recently gone on, but the headteacher offers to help him.

Meanwhile, Sienna is determined not to give up on her plan with Rafe, but Ethan seems to be having doubts. Rafe tries to get Dilly to face her responsibilities but Dilly encourages Rafe to find Sienna and beg for her forgiveness so he's not alone, as she wants nothing to do with it all.

Over at Rafe's, Sienna demands to know why he keeps pushing her away as they both like each other, but Rafe tells her he knows she's only after his money and offers her a cheque for £50,000 in return for leaving him alone but Sienna screws it up and walks out.

Ethan pleads with Sienna to end their scheme, but when she refuses, he questions if it's about the money or Rafe. In return she quizzes him on his feelings for Dilly.

Later, Ethan finds a drunk Dilly at The Loft and she reveals a shocking confession.

Elsewhere, Cindy questions Misbah on her marriage. Realising the romance has fizzled out, she offers to help by arranging a dinner at the Maaliks', but things don't go to plan when an awkward Zain storms off, not wanting to talk about their sex life.

When they're finally alone, Misbah and Zain open up to each other and reconnect, igniting the spark again.

Writer: Karissa Hamilton-Bannis

Director: Adam Batchelor

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