'Crime of the century': Hockey fan's hilarious heist

Chris Young
Sports Reporter

Hollywood should make a film about this one day - the greatest heist of all time.

A Carolina Hurricanes fan’s perfectly and hilariously well-executed theft of his friend’s ice-cream cone has captured the imagination of sports fans online.

Hurricanes fan Weston Davis’s cheeky theft of his friend Joe Campen’s ice-cream was, ironically, as brazen as it was stealthy.

Campen was left none the wiser, but the robbery happened in full-view of the Fox Sports broadcast - with Davis’ work quickly the subject of fun for eagle-eyed viewers.

The clip garnered so much attention it prompted The Athletic’s Sara Civian to publish a rather excellent oral history of the entire spectacle.

A Carolina Hurricanes hockey fan who sneakily stole his friend's ice-cream before slinking away has gone viral. Picture: Fox Sports Carolinas

Civian even tracked down the thief and his victim.

“Joe and I are good friends,” Davis said.

“He was standing there behind the camera and I just thought I’d mess with him hoping maybe the camera would get a shot of it.”

Aussie coach slams erectile dysfunction claims at trial

Australian cycling great Shane Sutton has stormed out of a doping inquiry in the UK after a farcical line of questioning, which resulted in Sutton threatening to bring his wife to the hearing to rebut claims of had erectile dysfunction.

Sutton was fronting a tribunal convened by the General Medical Council in the UK, which is investigating former British Cycling chief Dr Richard Freeman for ordering 30 satchels of testosterone back in 2011.

Freeman was initially cleared by the UK Anti Doping Agency, but has since admitted he had indeed ordered the testosterone, but only at the behest of Sutton, who needed it to combat his alleged erectile dysfunction.

This claim was put to Sutton by Freeman’s lawyer, Mary O’Rourke, prompting the 62-year-old to angrily dismiss the suggestion, according to The Sun.

“You are telling the press I can’t get a hard on,” Sutton said.

“My wife wants to testify that you are a bloody liar.”