Hillary and Bill Clinton at Swansea University event

Hilary and Bill Clinton and Mark Drakeford on stage
Hilary and Bill Clinton were joined by Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford at the event in Swansea

Former US president Bill Clinton has described conflict in Gaza as "heartbreaking", during a visit to Swansea.

Mr Clinton urged people to find "common ground" and "stand up for cooperation over conflict".

Bill and Hillary Clinton were in Swansea to talk on leadership at the city's university.

Mr Clinton worked to build stability between Israel and Palestinians when he was president from 1993 to 2001.

More than 11,000 people have died in the current conflict which was triggered by a Hamas attack in southern Israel on 7 October followed by an air campaign by Israel and a ground invasion of northern Gaza.

Hilary and Bill Clinton on stage in Swansea
Hilary and Bill Clinton visited Swansea to discuss leadership

Speaking at the Swansea University event on Thursday, Mr Clinton said: "I know Gaza, I know the old city of Jerusalem and the West Bank. It's heartbreaking.

"You have every day to make a choice - all of you.

"Do you believe that you can do better together or keep telling each other that it is our differences that... matter, or keep struggling for common ground."

Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford and the university's vice-chancellor Paul Boyle also took part in the leadership event.

Mrs Clinton, a former US secretary of state and presidential candidate, has often spoken about her Welsh ancestry.

In her autobiography, Mrs Clinton wrote that her father was from a long line of coal miners.

Hilary Clinton speaking at Swansea university event
Hilary Clinton gave a talk on leadership at Swansea University on Thursday

Her paternal great-grandmother Mary Griffiths was from Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, and her paternal great-grandfather John Jones from Llangynidr, Powys.

Their daughter, Mrs Clinton's grandmother, was born in Pennsylvania, where thousands of Welsh miners and their families moved in the 19th century.

On her mother's side, the family came from Pembrokeshire.