The hilarious truth about fan in background of epic AFL photo

An incredible photo of Gary Ablett soaring above his opponent to take an epic mark at the MCG has shot the most unlikely of fans to viral fame.

As Ablett was flying high and about to snare the hanger in Geelong’s win over Hawthorn on Monday, one man in the crowd was already on his feet cheering.

Did he know something nobody else did?

In actual fact he probably knew the least about AFL of any spectator at the MCG that day.

The iconic pic. Image: Getty

Photographer Michael Willson, the snapper who also took the iconic pic of AFLW star Tayla Harris last month, has revealed the hilarious truth about the fan.

He’s a 27-year-old American named Josh Hernandez, and Monday’s game was the first time he’d ever watched AFL.

“HOW’S THIS – The superfan behind the goals riding home Gary Ablett’s screamer before anyone else is in fact 27 year old Josh Hernandez from Chicago,” Willson wrote on Instagram.

“First time at the G and first AFL match for the Pilot from the USA!”

‘I knew as soon as he went up’

Hernandez told Willson he knew Ablett was about to produce something amazing.

“Ohhhh I knew he was catching it as soon as he went up!”, he said.

“I’ve watched enough sports to know what good positioning looks like and knew it was caught before he did.

“I heard he was the son of a pretty legendary player and that he just came back to Geelong recently.

“He definitely made me a fan of the sport after today, honestly Aussie Rules is pretty badass!”