'He's going to be a big loss'

Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall
[Getty Images]

On the latest episode of BBC Radio Leicester's When You're Smiling podcast, the Athletic's Rob Tanner spoke about the impact of Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall's departure to Chelsea:

"From the footballing point of view, it is a blow. He's homegrown, he's one the fans identify with and his performances on the pitch have shown that he's developed.

"He was a very slow start. As soon as he went out on those loans to Blackpool and Luton, he made that step up and every time he was faced with another challenge, he met that challenge.

"When he became one of the main men in the Leicester side, he stepped up - and now he's going to have to do that at Chelsea. He is the type of character to do that.

"He is going to be a big loss, but I don't think it's a surprise that they had to sell him. It all depends on how they reinvest some of that money."

Leicester fan Shamir Mawji added: "I get the feeling he didn't want to leave. I think it's come about because of our PSR conditions.

"He'll be a massive loss. He's homegrown, he relates to the fans and the fans can relate to him.

"I just hope it doesn't end in the same way [Danny] Drinkwater's move did. I hope the boy flourishes. He's a great lad and it's absolutely gutting from a fans' perspective."

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