Hero dad risks life to save son from burning car

Incredible footage out of the United States has captured the moment a selfless father risked his own life to pull his son out of a burning race car.

The dramatic scenes unfolded at the South Boston Speedway in Virginia when the car Mike Jones was driving spun out of control around a corner and burst into flames.

Jones’s car was left stranded in the middle of the track as a wall of flames engulfed the vehicle with the hapless driver still inside.

Jumping the pit wall and racing out onto the track came Jones’s dad Dean, whose fatherly instincts took over as he raced towards the flames to save his son.

Dean can be seen reaching inside one of the windows and pulling his son out, who’d been trapped inside the burning vehicle for around 15 seconds before he was whisked to safety.

Fire crews eventually raced onto the scene of the inferno as Mike made his way off the track, with his father still desperately trying to stop the flames from spreading.

“It’s a driver’s worst nightmare,” Mike Jones told reporters afterwards.

“Once I saw the flames I just thought ‘jump out as fast as I can.'”

Dean Jones played down his own heroism, insisting he simply did what he thought any father would do under the circumstances.

“I just had a single focus – get my son out of that burning car,” the brave dad said.

Dean Jones risked his life to save son Mike from a burning race car. Pic: Youtube

“Nothing else mattered.

“Once I saw the flames, nothing was going to stop me getting to his car.

“The feeling I felt when I pulled him out of the car was just a sense of relief that my son was alive.

“It’s really kind of hard to put into words.”

Remarkably, Mike and his father walked away from the incident unscathed.

However, things could have taken a much darker turn if not for the incredible bravery of one heroic dad.