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How to watch All of Us Strangers in the UKChris Harris

If you're a fan of Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott, then you've probably heard about their new film, All Of Us Strangers, and might be wondering where you can watch it in the UK.

The movie follows screenwriter Adam, who begins a relationship with his neighbour, Harry, while dealing with the grief and trauma from the death of his parents 30 years earlier.

The film is nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster and if you fancy seeing Paul and Andrew on your TV screen (who wouldn't, right?), then you're in luck as the film is coming to streaming services soon. So, here is how you can watch All Of Us Strangers in the UK.

What is All Of Us Strangers about?

In All Of Us Strangers, we meet a lonely screenwriter Adam who lives in London and soon has a chance encounter with his mysterious neighbour, Harry.

As a relationship develops between them, Adam finds himself drawn back to where he grew up and the childhood home where his parents, played by Claire Foy and Jamie Bell, appear to be living, just as they were on the day they died three decades before.

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How to watch All Of Us Strangers in the UK

You will be able to watch Paul and Andrew's performance in the comfort of your own home as their romance film arrives to streaming services on 20th March.

All Of Us Strangers will be available to watch on Disney+ in the UK. A subscription usually costs a £4.99 a month with ads, but they currently have an offer on where new and returning customers can subscribe to Disney+ with ads for just £1.99 a month for three months.

Or, you can subscribe ad-free on the standard version for £7.99 a month or go for the premium one at £10.99 a month. Just make sure to get your tissues ready to watch All Of Us Strangers on 20th March!

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