Here's How John Cena Did That Naked Sketch At The Oscars, And Also What He Actually Wore

John Cena's naked sketch was an absolute highlight of the Oscars last night.

John Cena on stage at an award show, wearing only a small modesty garb and sandals, holding an award category envelope
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As he said it himself, "Costumes are... so important."

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Now we're discovering how this moment happened and what actually went down.

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Yes, he was actually naked.

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But not entirely. He was wearing this Tommy Pickles-esque diaper thing.

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Ramin Setoodeh captured what actually happened when he presented the award:

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As you can see, a team of four people came out and dressed him up.

Silhouetted individuals gather around an illuminated display featuring a figure in a suit

From this:

John Cena stands shirtless at a microphone on a stage with a modesty censor
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To this:

Individual on stage presenting an award, wearing an extravagant draped gown with gold tassel detailing
Rich Polk / Variety via Getty Images

Anyway, let's applaud normalizing male nudity!

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John Cena wearing a small costume piece, presenting at an event
Rich Polk / Variety via Getty Images