For Everyone Wondering Whether Taylor Swift Is In Her "Athlete Era" With Travis Kelce — Here's Everything We Know

Here's a rumored romance that wasn't on this year's bingo cards: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Close-up of Taylor
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Now, this all started when Travis, who hosts the New Heights podcast with his brother, Jason Kelce, spilled that he had wanted to give Taylor his phone number when she rolled into town for a concert tour stop in Kansas City.

Travis explained, "If you're up on Taylor Swift concerts, there are friendship bracelets, and I had received a bunch of them, but I wanted to give Taylor Swift one with my number on it."

Close-up of the friendship bracelets
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Except — the plan didn't exactly work out. "She doesn't meet anybody, or at least she didn't want to meet me," the two-time Super Bowl winner spilled. "I took it personal," he said.

Screenshot of him on the show

Then, in the clip’s comments section, Jason wrote how Travis’s plan might have been thwarted by her father (?!).

"Let's be honest Taylor's dad definitely made the right move not introducing her to Travis; he self admitted was trying to slip her his number on a friendship bracelet, truly shameful act"

Interesting, interesting.

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Taylor's fans, on the other hand, seem to be delighted.

"The swifties are rooting for Travis and Taylor"
"Taylor + Trav is definitely the romance we need in 2023"
"Taylor's next Album '87 Red'"

"It’s about time she gets into her athlete era!" one X user commented.

Travis catching a ball
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In the same clip, his brother quipped about another reason Travis's attempt to call her could have been denied. "She probably just hasn't gotten over the Super Bowl yet," Jason, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, joked. "She's a big Eagles fan, so maybe she just made something up and didn't want to talk to you."

Jason embracing his brother, both in uniform
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In an interview following the viral clip, Jason was asked whether he could give any insight into Travis and Taylor, but now was tight-lipped. "I know Travis is having fun, and we’ll see what happens with whoever he ends up with," he said.

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Travis was also asked about the bracelet and the rumors, to which he simply answered, "I said what I said. And I meant what I said when I said it." But when the interviewer asked whether Taylor reached out afterward, Travis answered, "Huh?" then jokingly closed out the interview. The cohost interviewer did point out, "He didn't say no, though!" 🫠 Take from that what you will if you're a Travlor or Tayvis shipper.

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I kind of love this pairing. We'll let you know if more unfolds.