Here's everyone who is still together from “Love Is Blind” season 6 — and who's 'very single'

Almost a year after the couples walked down the aisle, here's where all the relationships stand.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion.

It's been almost a year since Love Is Blind season 6 stopped filming, and a lot has happened with the cast. From breakups to shocking reunions, here's the full rundown on who is still together, who is "very single," and who tried to date again after the cameras went away.

<p>Greg Gayne/Netflix</p> Johnny and Amy

Greg Gayne/Netflix

Johnny and Amy

Johnny and Amy

The only season 6 couple who got married is still "happily married" today. "We've done a good amount in these past 10 months," Amy tells EW. "We actually ended up moving in together a couple months after filming." As for babies? "Not in the plan for now," Amy says with a laugh.

<p>Netflix</p> Laura



Jeramey and Laura

To no one's surprise, they are absolutely still broken up. But Laura is currently dating someone new, so she's doing just fine.

Jeramey and Sarah Ann

Yes, the internet sleuths were correct: Jeramey and Sarah Ann got together immediately after their lake party jet ski ride, and have been together ever since (with a few fights/breakups/make-ups along the way). Sarah Ann has since moved in with him, which is why the background of all her recent TikTok videos looked familiar. Love Is Blind hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey are not happy with Sarah Ann "spoiling" the season for some fans.

<p>Netflix</p> Sarah Ann, Jeramey, and Jess


Sarah Ann, Jeramey, and Jess

Jimmy and Chelsea

Jimmy and Chelsea did get back together after their finale breakup. They both reveal to EW a few days after filming ended, they started dating again. They even went on a date on what was supposed to be their wedding day. But Jimmy ultimately broke up with her again because he still couldn't trust her after she exposed his secret on TV. "I am the most single lady on the block," Chelsea tells EW. Jimmy says he and Chelsea recently became friends again and have been supporting each other while the season has come out.



Jimmy and Jess

After his second breakup with Chelsea, Jimmy and Jess didn't try to rekindle their pod relationship. "Just out of respect for Chelsea, that's not something he and I have ever explored or probably ever will," Jess tells EW. "We don't have a relationship at all. And I'm very close with mostly all of the cast from the show." Jess says she's currently "single, very," and is going on the next season of Netflix's Perfect Match.

Clay and AD

During the reunion, Clay admitted that AD is the love of his life and he made a mistake not marrying her, but don't expect to see these two getting back together. AD told him that he had his chance, and she tells EW that she's currently "Single. Very single." Clay tells EW he's also single and focused on his work right now.



AD and Matthew

Shockingly, there is more to this couple's story than what we saw on TV. During the reunion, AD reveals she went on two dates with Matthew after filming ended. He wanted to go on the first date to apologize to her, and then the second date he cooked her dinner. But the rekindled relationship fizzled out because they want different things in life.

Brittany and Kenneth

These two never considered getting back together after their onscreen breakup, but they both reveal they've become "best friends" after filming ended. "My current relationship status is single," Brittany tells EW. "Happily single. And I am not dating." And Kenneth says he is also single right now.



Trevor and ... ?

Trevor was exposed during the reunion for having a girlfriend in the real world before and after going in the pods. When EW spoke to him before the season premiered and before his texts to his girlfriend were leaked online, Trevor said, "I'm single. I'm just living life right now." It is unclear if he was lying or if he's no longer with the woman he said "I love you" to immediately after leaving the pods.

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