Henry Nicholls' crazy dismissal against England

Kiwi batter out in most freakish of circumstances. Source: ECB

Video transcript

- That option. And they do. It does bring it back. The [INAUDIBLE] is gone. How has it got there? How has it got there? Leach has no idea.

- That's incredible. The non-striker probably didn't expect Nichols to come down and hit a shot in anger so close to [INAUDIBLE], but he does. Gets his bat in the way, ricochets off to [INAUDIBLE] and what an unlucky way to get out. Just incredible.

- He was hit it. Mitchell's at the non-striker's end. He's trying to get his bat out the way. The umpire's diving out the way. And Leach is aware. Mitchell's middled it, straight to mid-off. I cannot believe that. I really can't. He's middled it. The umpire, getting out the way.

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