The Hearty Meal That Makes Up A Traditional Dominican Breakfast

Dominican Republic breakfast
Dominican Republic breakfast - Starling Jimenez/Shutterstock

The best way to start your trip to the Caribbean, nevertheless your morning? Try a traditional Dominican Republic breakfast: A well-rounded and hearty meal that offers a little bit of everything.

All-inclusive resort Club Med Punta Cana serves a traditional Dominican breakfast at its à la carte restaurant, Indigo. "[That breakfast] consists of Dominican mangu -- mashed plantains -- pickled red onions, Dominican salami, fried cheese, and eggs," said Jerry Tschudy, the director of food and beverage for Club Med North America.

Known as Los Tres Golpes, the breakfast includes a few country-specific staples and, per Tschudy, is "a popular meal in the Dominican culture." In particular, plantains are a star of the meal that typically surface in dishes across the Caribbean, as well as in Central and South America, Asia, and Africa. Although plantains resemble bananas, they differ for a few reasons, including their starch content. In Dominican breakfasts, they commonly come mashed; you can make mangu by boiling green plantains and blending them with butter. This creates a creamy, smooth dish with the texture of mashed potatoes -- but the taste of something entirely its own.

Given the combination of mashed plantains, pickled onions, and fried eggs, Dominican breakfasts not only merge flavors but also meld textures. The other two ingredients, however, may very well be the key to making your Caribbean-inspired breakfast -- and tasting the flavors of Indigo.

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Think Beyond Your Go-To Deli Meats And Cheeses

Plate of Dominican salami and plantains
Plate of Dominican salami and plantains - Engels Ozuna/Shutterstock

Whether you're in the Caribbean or far from a beach, you can concoct your own Dominican Republic-style breakfast -- so long as you choose your salami and cheese intentionally. "The most important aspects to have it taste the most authentic is finding the right Dominican salami -- salchichon cominicano -- and cheese -- queso de freir," said Tschudy. "If you can get those two ingredients, it is easy to make and enjoy over and over again!"

Dominican salami refers to salami that comes flavorful, smoky, and cured. No, it's not the thinly sliced salami of your lunchtime sandwiches. Rather, Dominican salami needs no bread -- and is best served fried. You can find this meat fairly easily, whether you want to purchase it online or at your go-to grocery outlet.

On a similar note, the cheese -- queso de freir -- shines once fried, thanks to its low melting temperature similar to that of halloumi. However, queso de freir is its entity; when fried and heated, you'll get a crispy exterior and a gooey, cheesy center. Basically, it's the best of fried cheese. Granted, cheese and meat may seem like a side when paired with fried eggs and mashed plantains. Yet in the case of a Dominican Republic breakfast, these two ingredients are signature staples that bring the whole meal together.

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