Heartbroken husband who ‘just wants to be a dad’ finally gets the courage to ask for a divorce, then finds his happy ending

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A heartbroken man opened up about his difficult journey to find his happy ending, and the emotional footage is going viral.

Dad and TikToker Cameron Manwaring (@dadthings) gained over 900,000 views and nearly 3,000 comments when he shared his story online.

Now, just like the dad who’s overcome with emotion the first time he holds his newborn, Cameron’s video is pulling heartstrings around the world — and reminding people that true love still exists.

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In the video, Cameron explains that for three years, he was married to someone who “hurt [him] often.”

“I just want to be a husband, I want to be a dad, and I just want to provide a happy family,” he says through tears. “I want to be able to be happy again.”

With onscreen text, he explains that he finally got the courage to ask for a divorce, and didn’t think he would date again for years. 

“But then I met someone who loved me as much as I loved her,” he writes.

Suddenly, the video cuts away from Cameron’s emotional confession and becomes a montage of happy moments.

As it turns out, despite fearing he would never date again, Cameron ended up meeting the love of his life — @momthings — and started the happy family he’d always dreamed of.

Now, the Manwarings have two little ones and a home full of love — and their love story is touching hearts around the world.

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‘Wow, this gave me so much hope…’

Thousands of TikTokers shared their emotional reactions to Cameron’s story in the comments.

“Such a wonderful story, thank you for sharing,” one user wrote.

“This made my heart so full,” another person commented.

“Man this one actually hit different. I’m so happy you got to be happy again!” wrote another user.

“Thanks for sharing! This gives me hope that things will get better!” one user commented.

“Wow, this gave me so much hope… My last relationship made me feel disposable. This makes me think I’ll be loved for real one day,” another person wrote.

“I divorced someone who hurt me every single day… Single now, looking forward to the future,” shared another user.

“I feel you on the exact [same] level dude… It gets better and you’re proof of that! I’m so happy you found someone who’ll love you just as much!” another user commented.

“I am so glad you had the courage to walk away from a bad marriage that was obviously unhealthy. I know that pain and struggle,” another user shared.

“Oh this brings me so much hope! I’m so happy for you, friend!,” wrote another user, heart emojis in tow.

Cameron’s story proves that you never know what’s waiting for you right around the corner. Today’s unhappiness might just be tomorrow’s happy ending!

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