Harry Styles pauses concert to urge fan to dump boyfriend she claims cheated on her

Harry Styles paused his concert to give some advice to a fan  (PA)
Harry Styles paused his concert to give some advice to a fan (PA)

Agony uncle Harry Styles struck again when he paused his concert to give some advice to a fan in need.

Cecilia Cavalcanti, 21, went to Styles’ Love on Tour concert in Munich, Germany on Wednesday armed with a sign that read: “He cheated. Should I forgive him?”

After she managed to score a spot at the front of the standing section, Styles noticed her sign while taking questions from fans and read it out to the stadium.

The audience immediately began booing while shouting “no”.

Ms Cavalcanti said her boyfriend told her he was “sorry” for cheating, but the 70,000 strong stadium was having none of it.

Styles wanted to do a little more digging, however, and asked Cavalcanti some questions about her situation.

After establishing that her boyfriend’s name was “Floor”, he asked about how long they had been together.

She replied: “He’s a good boyfriend, almost five years, he says he’s sorry.”

Styles dramatically questioned: “Why, Floor, why, was it worth it to throw it all away? Is he here tonight?”

She said the boyfriend was working and was not able to attend the concert with her.

“That’s unfortunate because I have some questions,” Styles added.

While he encounraged her to do whatever made her happy, her told her to remember that “you deserve someone who treats you with respect and honesty”.

Still unconvinced, the crowds’ booing got louder.

“The people have spoken,” Styles then joked.

After sharing a clip of the exchange to her TikTok, Cavalcanti later confirmed that she had indeed dumped her boyfriend.

Speaking to Deadline, she said: “We still share an apartment and I’m currently looking for another apartment to move out, so we still talk here and there because we still live together but we aren’t together anymore.

“A few months before the show, my boyfriend cheated on me and at the point of the video we were still together and he did not know about the sign.”

Cecilia went on to praise Harry for being so ‘caring and loving’ to his fans. She said she felt ‘seen and heard’ by the musician.