Harry Potter star opens up on "touching" response to true crime series

timothy spall as peter farquhar in the sixth commandment
Harry Potter star on response to true crime seriesBBC

Harry Potter star Timothy Spall has opened up about the "touching" response to his latest project The Sixth Commandment.

The BBC drama tells the chilling real-life story of how church warden Ben Field (Éanna Hardwicke) gaslit, isolated and ultimately murdered university lecturer Peter Farquhar (Spall) in order to claim his inheritance, before attempting to do the same to Peter's neighbour Ann Moore-Martin (Anne Reid).

While "capturing the extreme gaslighting, the gripping police investigation and the high-profile trial", The Sixth Commandment also highlights the devastating effects of isolation and loneliness, which resonated with many viewers.

timothy spall, the sixth commandment

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Spall described the show's reception as "delightful" during an appearance on The One Show on Thursday night (September 7).

He continued: "It’s a very sensitive subject because it's about real people, and the families of these people are still alive. But it really touched people and touched them in their hearts.

"It’s also a celebration of two people who died tragically. Usually when you get a true-life story that involves some sort of murder or a conviction for murder, you concentrate much more on the perpetrator."

eanna hardwicke, timothy spall, the sixth commandment

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With The Sixth Commandment, however, Spall said that it's a "celebration of two people's lives", adding: "It’s an investigation into the map of the human soul, of people who are older, who have got passions and loves and desires and hope to still find love."

The four-part series, which honours Peter and Ann as beloved mentors, relatives, and friends, was developed in close collaboration with members of their respective families.

The Sixth Commandment is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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