Harambee Stars' draw against 'fishermen and pool cleaners' is absurd - Dylan Kerr

Rodolfo Zapata revealed to Goal on Monday that he was happy the former league champions are making good progress

Outspoken Gor Mahia head coach Dylan Kerr has continued to poke holes on Harambee Stars’ draw with Comoros last Saturday.

Kerr, who first attacked the 2-2 draw with a lowly ranked Comoros in a sarcastic tweet on Sunday, feels the national team should have done better.

"How can Kenya celebrate getting a draw against fishermen, pool cleaners and waiters? It is embarrassing to treat the draw as an achievement.

"With all due respect, Kenya should not be struggling against a country like Comoros with no professional league, how? 

"I do not care about the team. I care about Kenyan football. We have all the time to prepare, then we end up getting unwanted results. My sarcastic tweet was meant to a section of media, who reported the draw as a big thing for Kenya, disappointing!," Kerr told Goal on Monday.

"With the way we played against Comoros, CAR can assemble a team from the village and I bet it will give us a good game."

Kenya has won one and drawn two against Comoros.  This is the first time a club coach of foreign nationality has publicly come out to hit at the poor display of the national team.

Gor Mahia are currently top of the league table on 16 points with a game in hand.