What happens at the end of Top Boy season 5?

top boy season 5 ending explained
What happens at the end of Top Boy season 5?Netflix

The final season of Top Boy is finally here. The Netflix drama follows Sully (Kane Robinson) and Dushane (Ashley Walters), two notorious drug dealers who fight for money and power over their gritty streets of London, and season five went out with a bang. But how does season five end?

With so many questions left after series four, the new season did not disappoint with more tension, fights and drama than ever before. So, who ends up as the real top boy of Summerhouse Estate? Here is the ending of Top Boy season five explained.

Warning, spoilers below!

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A riot breaks out and Dushane tries to flee

A riot breaks out on the Summerhouse Estate after a young girl is hit and killed by a police car which was chasing Dushane, who is wanted for the murder of Jeffrey. At the start of episode six, Dushane is hiding out in his late mum's flat when a man named Latif arrives, who was sent by Wilson, and agrees to help get Dushane out of the country.

Shelly (Little Simz) meets Dushane at his mum's flat later to give him his fake passport and money so he can flee the country, and they discuss their relationship with them saying that they love each other but her telling him that he will always prioritise money and power over her.

Sully realises Jaq stole his drugs

Meanwhile, Sully has figured out that is was Jaq (Jasmine Jobson) who stole his drugs and he tells Kieron (Joshua Blissett), who pretends he didn't know. Sully asked Kieron to meet up, and Jaq tells her girlfriend, Becks (Adwoa Aboah), about her returning the drugs to Sully and Becks pleads with her to leave drug dealing and crime behind.

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When Kieron and Sully meet up, Sully tells Kieron he shouldn't have lied to him and Kieron apologises, but Sully's right hand man Junior (Micheal Maris) drags Kieron out the car and into a van. Meanwhile, the riot continues on the Estate and when Jaq goes to meet Sully to return the drugs, she's jumped by Dushane who steals the bags to give to Latif to pay for his way out of the country.

Jaq tells Sully, who is furious and tells her she won't be getting a pass and neither did Kieron, to which Jaq heads to Kieron's house to find him but realises that Kieron was killed by the order of Sully, who now wants to find and kill Dushane. Jaq is able to return home to Becks, with Sully preoccupied with finding Dushane.

Sully kills Dushane

Dushane tries to flee the Estate as Latif arranges his escape, but he is found and chased down by Sully and a shoot out ensues between Dushane, Latif's men, Sully and Junior, with a young drug dealer and Junior being shot and killed in the process.

Then, when Sully finds Dushane, he shoots him and while Dushane is bleeding out, they argue about the stolen drugs, money and power with Sully insisting he would have given Dushane the money to flee if he asked. Then, Sully realises that Dushane is dead (can't get over this!)

What happens to Stefan?

In the final scene of series five, Sully returns from walking his daughter home to school when Stefan (Araloyin Oshunremi) follows him, gun in hand. He points it at Sully, who says Stefan shouldn't have had to see him shoot and kill Jamie (Micheal Ward). But, Stefan puts the gun down, tells Sully he isn't worth it and walks away.

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Sully is killed

But, in a plot twist, when Sully arrives back to his car, he is shot and killed by a mysterious figure. Was it Stefan? We need answers, Netflix!

So, who dies at the end of Top Boy?

There are so many murders in the final episode that it's hard to keep track! So, at the end of season five:

  • Kieron is killed by Junior on Sully's orders

  • Junior is killed in a shoot out with Latif's men

  • Dushane is killed by Sully

  • Sully is killed by an unknown figure, who could be Stefan


Top Boy season five is streaming on Netflix now.

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