What happened between Nikita and Fern on last night's Celebrity Big Brother?

We may be heading towards the Celebrity Big Brother final tomorrow night (22nd March), but this year's celebrities are showing no signs of slowing down on dramatic events, with last night's episode (20th March) featuring an accident between Nikita and Fern. But what actually happened between the pair?

During last night's episode the remaining housemates were tasked with completing 'Big Brother's Big Balls' a game that saw the housemates split up into two teams and race around the house to pop balloons in order to win a Chinese takeaway.

At one point during the game, Nikita, and Fern were racing around the bedroom, when Nikita accidentally collided with Fern and she ended up banging her head on the back of the sofa in the middle of the bedroom.

Ray Burmiston

Nikita instantly stopped playing the game, and asked Fern if she was ok, Fern replied saying, "Yes, my brains are shaking, but apart from that."

Nikita made Fern sit down and then helped escort her over to the diary room, where she was checked over by the series' medics.

While in the diary room, Fern said to Big Brother, "I just lost my balance, went backwards and banged by head on the back of that seat thing."

Fern stayed in the diary room for a few minutes, while Nikita sat on the sofa feeling guilty about what had happened, saying: "How did I even hurt anybody man... f**k my life. This stupid game."

Despite not wanting to complete the game, Big Brother instructed the housemates to continue on, and Nikita and his team which included David, Louis and Colson, ended up winning the game and a Chinese takeaway as their prize.

Ray Burmiston

Fern and Nikita's unfortunate physical collision comes just a day after the pair clashed over a discussion on age.

During Tuesday night's episode (19th March), Fern began addressing Nikita, by saying, "You and I get on alright when we're playing games." She then asked Nikita what his age was, which he confirmed was 26, Fern then said even though she is 66, she still has the same brain as she did when she was younger.

Nikita was confused by the statement, saying, "Are we having a beef? What's happening?"

Fern went onto explain she was hurt by a comment Nikita had made earlier in the series about fashion, saying: "Never look at an old person and think they're just old. We're still, in our heads, 26. When you said to me the other day, and you were very sweet, 'I like your stripey top, stripes are in fashion Fern'..."

Nikita said he meant nothing by the comment and added, "I was just paying you a compliment [and] being nice to you."

But the conversation didn't end there with Nikita then asking Fern, if she was deliberately trying to make things "uncomfortable", which she denied.

However, the pair appeared to patch things up later in the show with Fern saying there was "no drama" and Nikita apologised for offending Fern.

Here's hoping Fern is feeling OK after the accident.

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