Hannah Waddingham sends Eurovision fans wild with fluent French

Eurovision fans were left in awe during Thursday’s semi-final as host Hannah Waddingham revealed she spoke fluent French.

The Ted Lasso actress, 48, joined hosts Alesha Dixon and Ukrainian singer Julia Sanina on stage to address Europe and Australia as they shared the rules of the contest in English.

Showing off her linguistic skills, the West End star went one step further and recited the rules in French, leaving the audience, and her co-host Dixon applauding her perfect pronunciation.

Once the crowd’s jubilation had subsided, Dixon said: “Honestly Hannah I could listen to you do that all night.”

To which Waddingham hilariously remarked: “My French teacher would be so proud!”

However, it wasn’t only her co-hosts and the audience that she impressed but also viewers at home who took to Twitter in their droves to share their amazement over her language skills.

Waddingham was joined on stage with co-hosts Alesha Dixon (L) and Julia Sanina (centre) (BBC)
Waddingham was joined on stage with co-hosts Alesha Dixon (L) and Julia Sanina (centre) (BBC)

One fan penned about the Hocus Pocus 2 star: “hannah waddingham speaking in french is my religion” (sic).

“Hannah Waddingham is somehow even more intimidating when she speaks French. In the best way possible, of course,” another remarked.

A third added: “I had no idea of who Hannah Waddingham was or why she was chosen as a presenter. Then she spoke fluent French and I thought Ooh I get it now not only is she a decent presenter but talented too”.

“After 5 mins Hannah Waddingham is my absolute HERO for 1) her impeccable French and 2) highlighting that SOME people (best people) do bother to learn another language in the UK (let’s make it more though),” another viewer shared.

A viewer added: “People train their entire lives to be as effortlessly charismatic and likeable as Hannah Waddingham #eurovision.”

The second semi-final saw Romania, Denmark, Georgia, Iceland, San Marino and Greece eliminated from the contest.

Albania, Cyprus, Estonia, Belgium, Austria, Lithuania, Poland, Australia, Armenia and Slovenia progressed to the Grand Final, which takes place on Saturday.

They join Tuesday’s semi-final winners Sweden, Finland, Norway, Israel, Serbia, Portugal, Croatia, Switzerland, Moldova and Czechia, the Big Five countries France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, which progressed automatically, and last year’s winners, Ukraine.