Who Is Hannah Berner's Husband? All About Des Bishop

Comedians Hannah Berner and Des Bishop married in a beach wedding in 2022

<p>Des Bishop Instagram</p> Hannah Berner and Des Bishop

Des Bishop Instagram

Hannah Berner and Des Bishop

It was love at first sight for comedy husband-wife duo Des Bishop and Hannah Berner.

A rising media sensation at the time, Berner was aware of the Irish comedian when he stoically slid into her Instagram DMs back in July 2020. The pair met up for coffee in Westhampton, New York — Bishop owns a residence there, while Berner was vacationing on Shelter Island at the time.

Their date ended up lasting four hours, and they haven’t spent much time apart ever since.

"I was fairly certain fairly quickly that Hannah was the one for me," Bishop told PEOPLE following their February 2021 engagement. "When I met her the first time, my immediate thought was not only is she beautiful, but I just want to spend all the time with her because she's so much fun."

Meanwhile, Berner said it was his jokes and way of thinking that sealed the deal for her. "He lets me be me, and we laugh together. I make him laugh, and he makes me laugh," she shared. "I really just fell in love with how his mind works. And I really listen to his advice, and I really just respect him."

While Bravo fans have been supportive of the Summer House alum’s blossoming romance with the native New Yorker, others can’t help but point out their 15-year age difference. Still, the gap has only benefited their relationship, according to Berner.

"If I was in my early 20s meeting another guy in his young 20s, we grow together, we learn about stuff together," Berner said during an appearance on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast.

However, as she explained, “I don't want to be a project manager.”

“So meeting Des, I was like, wait, wait, wait. All the girls in your past have already given you guidance for what you should and shouldn't do. And I'm looking at this kind of more complete human, who's confident in himself and is not competitive with me. Because he has his own established career. He can handle me,” Berner continued on why their age gap works.

So who is Hannah Berner’s husband? Here’s everything to know about Des Bishop and his relationship with the comedian.

He splits his time between New York City and Ireland

<p>Taylor Hill/Getty</p> Des Bishop and Hannah Berner attend the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards on September 12, 2023 in Newark, New Jersey.

Taylor Hill/Getty

Des Bishop and Hannah Berner attend the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards on September 12, 2023 in Newark, New Jersey.

A native New Yorker, Bishop moved to Ireland in his mid-teens in 1990. His father, Mike Bishop, was a celebrated actor and model at the time, but later gave up his career in entertainment to work at a department store so he could better provide for Des and his two brothers, according to Bishop’s personal website.

He transferred during his school years and graduated from University College Cork, where he majored in history and English.

Ireland was Bishop’s primary residence up until the COVID-19 pandemic, when the comedian decided to relocate to New York City to quarantine. Since then, Bishop has been splitting his time between Ireland and N.Y.C., where Berner lives full-time.

“I don’t mentally like to say that I’m in the States more. I feel like I haven’t made that transition in my mind,” he said while appearing on the Irish program The Anton Savage Show. “But I married a Yank, so I’m in the States more.”

He is a comedian

<p>Des Bishop Instagram</p> Des Bishop

Des Bishop Instagram

Des Bishop

Bishop’s impressive comedy career has taken him all over the world. His big break came in 2004, when he was tapped to star in his own TV series, The Des Bishop Work Experience, in which he worked at a series of medium-wage jobs while doing stand-up, per his comedy bio.

In 2006’s Joy in the Hood, Bishop traveled to disadvantaged areas all around Ireland to teach stand-up comedy.  His show In the Name of Fada won the Irish Film and Television Award (IFTA) for best television series in 2008.

In 2013, he temporarily relocated to China and learned Mandarin to compile a show called Breaking China. He has put out three comedy specials: Made in China (2015), One Day You’ll Understand (2018) and Of All People (2024).

Bishop’s work is also rooted in loss. One of his most personal shows to date centers around his late father, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer around 2010. My Dad Was Nearly James Bond is the name of both the show and memoir Bishop produced in honor of his father.

The book was short-listed for an Irish Book of the Year Award, while the show took him on an international tour.

He asked Berner out on Instagram

<p>Des Bishop Instagram</p> Des Bishop and Hanna Berner

Des Bishop Instagram

Des Bishop and Hanna Berner

Bishop first reached out to Berner on Instagram in July 2020 — however, unbeknownst to Bishop, that wasn’t the first time their paths had crossed.

"So I actually saw him at the Comedy Cellar like five years ago. He went up and he was so swaggy and confident and cute,” Berner recalled during a 2020 episode of the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast.

At some point, Bishop followed Berner on Instagram and she reciprocated. He shot his shot when he realized they were both summering on Long Island that year.

"He DMs me and he's very straightforward … He goes, 'Do you want to get coffee?' And I said, 'Yes, here's my digits,’ ” Berner said of their first message exchange.

To say their first date was a success would be an understatement. Berner said they ended up hanging out for “like four hours.” However, fans didn’t learn of their coupling until months later in Sept. 2020 when Berner spilled the details on Bravo’s Chat Room.

“I don't know if you've heard, but in a real 2020 quarantine plot twist, I trapped a man and I have a boyfriend," she announced on the late-night show, per Bravo’s Daily Dish.

"He's a comedian, and I had watched him like five years ago at a comedy club," she continued. "And then he DM-ed me recently, and I was like, 'Oh, that's the funny, cute guy.' "

He proposed on Valentine's Day

Hannah Berner Des Bishop and Hannah Berner
Hannah Berner Des Bishop and Hannah Berner

Six months after sliding into her Instagram DMs, Bishop surprised Berner with a Valentine’s Day proposal in 2021. "We're very excited. It all happened so fast, but when you know, you know,” Berner told PEOPLE at the time.

As for the proposal, Bishop popped the question at home with a sweet call-back to the beginning of their relationship.

"When we first started dating, Des would send me this really funny video, singing videos, that would make me laugh. On Valentine's Day, I woke up and I had a video of him singing, which I hadn't gotten since the summer. And then it ends with him being like, 'I have a surprise for you,’ ” explained Berner of how things went down.

When the video ended, she came face-to-face with Bishop on his knee holding a round diamond ring.

"I'm in bed with my Invisalign on, and my breath is terrible," she joked. "And he's just kneeling on the side, and then he just pulls out the ring. I think I just made weird crying noises."

Berner added that the ring is “perfect because I can wear it with my sweats … [or] more dressed up.” The beautiful piece of jewelry features an 18-carat yellow gold band. "And I feel like it's, as my friends would say, very me,” Berner said.

He knew Berner was “the one” right away

<p>Des Bishop Instagram</p> Des Bishop and Hannah Berner

Des Bishop Instagram

Des Bishop and Hannah Berner

“We clicked immediately. It has been quite an intense falling in love experience,” Bishop admitted while appearing on RTE’s Sundays with Miriam radio podcast in September 2020.

Although the pair had only been dating for three months, Bishop acknowledged that Berner is the most serious relationship he’s ever been in and he didn’t see it fizzling out anytime soon.

“It’s been a more powerful sort of falling for somebody than I have ever experienced in my life so I would be confident in saying I will certainly make an effort because it feels like it is The One,” he said.

They got married in 2022

<p>Des Bishop Instagram</p> Hannah Berner and Des Bishop on their wedding day

Des Bishop Instagram

Hannah Berner and Des Bishop on their wedding day

On May 13, 2022, Bishop and Berner exchanged vows in a small private ceremony at Westhampton Beach attended by close family and friends.

While the pair opted against having a bridal party, Berner’s Summer House castmates Ciara Miller and Paige DeSorbo were there to celebrate their friend’s big day. Their first dance was set to Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain't Got You.”

They looked “so in love and so happy,” a party insider told PEOPLE.

They host a joint podcast

<p>Des Bishop Instagram</p> Hannah Berner and Des Bishop

Des Bishop Instagram

Hannah Berner and Des Bishop

In August 2023, the pair launched their own podcast, aptly titled Berner Phone.

Listeners are encouraged to call into the show’s hotline, while Berner and Bishop dish out their best advice pertaining to all things relationships, life, social media and work.

Coming from the comedy world themselves, the duo takes listeners down hilarious rabbit holes about pet peeves, dating dilemmas and life hacks.

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