I Was Hanging On By A Thread, And These 17 People Officially Broke My Patience

Disclaimer: The following post mentions suicide.

My patience is wearing thin these days. So thin, that it just about broke while I was perusing r/mildlyinfuriating this week. Let's just say I was a little more than mildly infuriated.

person saying, i snapped

Here are the 17 photos that irked me the most:

1.The person who made all these calls when it wasn't an emergency:

tons of missed calls from the same person

2.This person who had to comment on a woman's boobs when she was just trying to sell her dress on Facebook Marketplace:


3.This person who was rude to their cousin with a disability after they excitedly shared their weight loss success:

person responding that the person probably lost weight in an unhealthy way

4.This Navy recruiter who won't take no for an answer:

person telling the navy recruiter that they have asthma and have attempted suicide and the recruiter responding, how bad is the asthma

5.This person who doesn't know what a lime is:

person taking a photo of limes but saying no limes are left

6.This person who leaves puddles of sweat on the gym equipment and doesn't wipe it off:


7.This person who labeled a donut as a "yeast ring:"

donuts on display

8.This person who had the gall to criticize King Keanu's sexy body:

he needs to shape up is the comment someone leaves

9.These people who let the dogs out in a public movie theater:

people putting their bare feet on the seats in front

10.This person who couldn't walk a few feet to return their shopping cart:

cart in the middle of the parking lot

11.This person who never finishes their drinks before buying a new one:

  u/u/Conman_in_Chief avataru/Conman_in_Chief / Via

12.This person who continuously sends their daughter (who is a new parent) scary articles:

article sent about drowning risks for children at home

13.This person who drove into their neighbor's fence, and still hasn't fixed it two months later:

  u/u/Feeling-Disaster7180 avataru/Feeling-Disaster7180 / Via

14.This person who didn't think to take the charger out of the wall before painting it:

  u/u/FuzzyDunlop911 avataru/FuzzyDunlop911 / Via

15.This person who VERY strategically placed this sticker:

sticker covering mold on a pepper

16.This person who doesn't care if their flag is blocking people's views of the concert:

  —u/u/Aslevjal_901 avataru/Aslevjal_901 / Via

17.And finally, this person who alway stops the microwave early and never resets it:

one second on the timer