Hamilton takes stunning swipe at F1 pundits

Reigning Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has accused several former drivers of trying to “undermine” him in a stunning post-German GP outburst.

The Brit’s German Grand Prix victory came under controversial circumstances, with the Mercedes driver let off after an incident that saw him rejoin the race track after driving over a grass verge and out of the pit lane.

Hamilton described his improbable charge through the field as one of his “best drives of all time,” but clearly not everyone agreed.

Hamilton was particularly scathing of the assessment from the Sky Sports punditry team, which included Damon Hill, Martin Brundle and former foe Nico Rosberg.

Hamilton hit back at critics after his German GP win. Pic: Getty

“I never get to watch the races but just got home and watching Sky,” Hamilton posted on Instagram before deleting it.

“I find it amusing listening to ex drivers commentating, not one a single one of them could find a good word to say.

“Whatever the reason is, it’s ok I forgive you. Positivity and love wins always no matter what words you use to try and undermine me, I started 14th today and finished 1st. God is good all the time.”

Funnily enough, Rosberg did pay Hamilton high praise after the impressive victory, which was secured in the wake of Vettel’s late race blunder.

“It was surely one of the darkest moments in Sebastian’s whole career,” Rosberg said in his post-race Vlog.

“What an unbelievably dark day for him. It is his home race and he had the chance in his hands to win it and take a big lead in the championship, but he chucked it away in the wall.

“That is so, so bad and it is going to be very tough for him. But it was phenomenal from Lewis and Mercedes. They nailed it.

“Fighting back. Never write off Lewis. He always comes back and that’s a fact! He showed it again by taking home the win.”

Even though he was won four Formula One titles, and 66 races, Hamilton draws huge motivation from being against the odds.

In the past two races, he has finished first and second after being way down on the grid.

He won the rain-hit German Grand Prix after starting from 14th . In the previous race, he was bumped off the track on the first lap but rose from last to second at the British GP with another superbly skilled and resilient drive.

“When you’re up against adversity … it’s always a chance to show what you can do and driving from the back is so much more fun,” Hamilton said.

“You never know how far you can go. Sometimes you are able to go the distance.”

Hamilton’s love of fighting from the back is somewhat ironic, considering he is F1’s record holder with 76 pole positions – eight more than Michael Schumacher.

Few backed Hamilton to succeed in Germany, especially after a hydraulic failure hampered his qualifying session.

Furthermore, arch rival Sebastian Vettel was on pole position in a supremely quick Ferrari and gunning to extend his championship lead.

Vettel was leading the race when he crashed out of contention. Pic: Getty

But Hamilton won, with a little help from Vettel’s sudden crash on a sodden circuit.

“I feel like I drove the best I can remember driving,” he said.

“I’ve had a lot of races, and there have been a lot of other great ones. But this one I didn’t make any mistakes, I was really proud of it.”

“There was a lot of negativity before the race … and when I came here, there was a lot of booing.

“The weird thing is that I was really happy about it.”

Hamilton certainly silenced his hecklers in style – regaining control of the title race ahead of this weekend’s Hungarian GP.

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