"Hamilton" Star Jasmine Cephas Jones Wrote A Heartbreaking Note About Her Late Father Ron Cephas Jones And Grief

Jasmine Cephas Jones reflected on the life of her late father, Ron Cephas Jones, and the overwhelming grief she feels in his absence.

Jasmine and Ron Cephas Jones
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Ron died on Aug. 19 at the age of 66 due to a "long-standing pulmonary issue." The Jersey native was known for his work both onscreen and onstage, including his Emmy Award-winning performance as William Hill in This Is Us.

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On Wednesday, Jasmine paid tribute to her dad in an emotional post on Instagram, where she reminisced about the memories they created and the "damn good father" she'll always remember him to be.

Closeup of Jasmine Cephas Jones
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"This one is a battle," the Hamilton star wrote in her Instagram caption. "I keep looking at my phone wanting to call you and wanting to hear your voice."

Jasmine and Ron Cephas Jones
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"You listened…you REALLY listened to me. You valued my opinion and you never judged me. We all know you were a great actor, but my god you were a damn good father."

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Jasmine said her father provided her with a "safe space" to authentically be herself. He wasn't afraid to acknowledge her womanhood, as well as the societal pressure and burdens that come with being a woman.

"You led me. Mentored me. Gut laughed with me. Cried with me. Sang with me. Celebrated me. Studied with me. Cared for me…and loved me."

Closeup of Jasmine and Ron Cephas Jones
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She admitted that there's so much more that she could say about her dad, but there truly aren't any words that would do him justice.

"I still feel you here with me," Jasmine concluded. "And I will carry you in my heart forever."

Beautifully put! To read Jasmine's full message to Ron, check out her post below: