“Halloweentown”’s Kimberly J. Brown Shares Wedding Planning Update: 'I've Been Having a Blast' (Exclusive)

While attending 90s Con over the weekend, Brown told PEOPLE she felt the most pressure trying to decide on the venue for her big day

<p>Barry Brown/Shutterstock; Kimberly J. Brown/Instagram</p> Kimberly J Brown and Daniel Kountz

Barry Brown/Shutterstock; Kimberly J. Brown/Instagram

Kimberly J Brown and Daniel Kountz

Planning for the Halloweentown II wedding is in full force!

During an exclusive interview with PEOPLE on the pink carpet at 90s Con on Saturday, actress Kimberly J. Brown admitted that planning her wedding to her current fiancé and former Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge costar Daniel Kountz is "going great."

Still, she admitted she didn't expect the planning process to be as much of a journey as it's turning out to be.

"There are far more details and creativity that I got to put into it than I realized," she explains. "Like, I have spent way too much time and money on Etsy. You fall down so many rabbit holes and just go on adventures."

<p>Barry Brown/Shutterstock</p> Kimberly J. Brown poses at 90s Con on March 16, 2024

Barry Brown/Shutterstock

Kimberly J. Brown poses at 90s Con on March 16, 2024

Some elements that she's already designed for her big day include bar signs and cocktail napkins. "I've been having a blast," she shares.

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Brown says she felt some "pressure" at the beginning of the process to find the right venue for the wedding because all of the details of the day — including the date — depend on where the event is being held.

But after she took that "big first step," she says, she was able to "breathe a little bit easier."

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Kountz, 45, and Brown, 39, starred as love interests more than 20 years ago in the 2001 Disney channel film, in which she plays Marnie Piper, a young witch who has a crush on Kountz's character, Kal. After Melanie shows Kal her grandmother's magical room, she learns that he's the son of the evil warlock Kalabar, who is on a mission to destroy Halloweentown.

The couple has since shared that there was nothing romantic between them off-screen while they worked together. However, they stayed in touch through the years and eventually sparked a romantic relationship. They announced their engagement on Instagram in June 2022.

Kimberly J. Brown/Instagram Daniel Kountz and Kimberly J. Brown
Kimberly J. Brown/Instagram Daniel Kountz and Kimberly J. Brown

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A year later, in July 2023, Brown took PEOPLE along on a wedding dress shopping trip with her.

Also during 90s Con, Brown told PEOPLE that she and Kountz still haven't watched Halloweentown II together because she doesn't like watching herself act, although she's seen the movie.

When asked if the couple has any Halloween traditions they keep up, as the movie is such a popular film during the spooky holiday, Brown joked about their different opinions on a polarizing holiday treat.

"For me I love candy corn. Daniel, not so much, but we're still getting married," she says.

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