The Halloween Hack That Turns Your Heart Cookies Into Ghosts In 2 Steps

ghost cookie with Halloween decorations
ghost cookie with Halloween decorations - Fotostorm/Getty Images

As the spookiest time of year draws nearer and nearer, Halloween fans have been emerging from their summertime slumber to give us some of their best and most innovative techniques to get into the autumnal spirit! One hack from TikTok features a batch of easy-to-design ghost cookies bound to fill your guests with ghoulish glee.

The hack requires little more than basic baking materials and a heart-shaped cookie cutter left over from Valentine's Day. To get started, prepare your cookie dough as usual and use the heart-shaped cutter to assemble a batch of delicious treats. From there, cut the hearts in half directly down the middle and gently reshape the bottom point by bending it slightly outward, creating a figure that resembles a teardrop shape.

After you have your ghost shapes, bake as you would any other batch of cookies, and decorate using white frosting and any additional ghoulish flourishes or features. The resulting cookie features the iconic ghost in a sheet image, making it a perfect choice for any social event or Halloween party you plan to host this fall.

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How To Make Your Ghost Cookies Pop

decorated Halloween cookies on a table
decorated Halloween cookies on a table - Fotostorm/Getty Images

If you feel the ghost cookies are a bit too cliché in their simplest form, there are several ways to take them to the next level with very little added stress. Try getting creative with your frosting by making the ghosts bright green or covering them in red blood from the mortals who have done them wrong. If you're skilled with dough-forming, you may even be able to use some of your cookie dough scraps to give the ghosts arms, little horns, or other details to differentiate them from the initial design.

These Halloween ghost cookies can also be buffed with some presentational flair. For example, instead of arranging your cookies on a platter for your guests to mindlessly snack on, consider standing them up in a circle around a bubbling cauldron of Halloween punch or plating them beside other designs, such as headstones, zombies, and Oreo cookie bats! The possibilities for experimentation are endless, which makes it clear why Halloween is the most favored time of the year for so many.

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