Haiti gang opens fire on protest group; seven killed


At least seven people were killed in Haiti, a local rights group said, after a gang that controls a northern suburb of the capital Port-au-Prince opened fire on a protest organised by a Christian church leader.

Local media reported at least 10 had been killed, and the director of the CARDH group, Gedeon Jean, said the final number would likely be higher, adding several people were wounded and some churchgoers had been kidnapped.

Videos shared on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, showed some 100 people, many wearing yellow shirts associated with the religious group of Pastor Marco, marching in the suburb Canaan, some carrying sticks and machetes.

Unverified videos on social media show people being shot in the street, bodies lying on the ground and people who appear to be hostages saying they thought the march was peaceful and had no idea it was about taking on the gang.

Many Haitians have joined civilian self-defence groups known as "Bwa Kale," a movement that has inspired hope but also sparked retaliation against civilians and stirred fears the groups are spurring on the violence.