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Hailey Bieber's strawberry girl summer favouritesRhode Skincare

I’ve got big news for anyone who is a fan of Hailey Bieber, her skincare brand Rhode, and the viral strawberry girl summer aesthetic. On 28th August, Hailey is dropping a new (!!) Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment flavour called Strawberry Glaze.

For the limited-edition launch, Hailey collabed with iconic doughnut brand Krispy Kreme to nail down the flavour—and let me tell you, it’s absolutely delicious. “When I was a kid, my favourite doughnut ever was a strawberry-frosted doughnut with sprinkles—it’s just so nostalgic,” Hailey told me via Zoom. Equally as yummy and exciting as the new Peptide Lip Treatment, Krispy Kreme is bringing their beloved Strawberry Glaze Doughnut out of retirement in the US to celebrate Rhode’s latest Strawberry Glaze flavour.

I chatted with Hailey over the weekend, who is legit as sweet as her new strawberry lip treatment smells, and got all of the juicy details behind the collab, her inspo for the new launch, the timing of her new Rhode cream blushes (yes, they’re coming!!), and her thoughts on watching Sex and the City for the very first time.

Keep scrolling for the full interview, and don’t forget to shop Hailey’s go-to strawberry girl products before summer is over.

How did your new Rhode collab with Krispy Creme come about? It’s clear you have a love of strawberries—and glazed-doughnut skin—but what made you decide you wanted to do this?

I’ve always loved the comparisons to beauty and food—it’s just so silly and cute and imaginative. And since I’ve always said I wanted to look like a glazed doughnut when I go to bed, I knew that if there was a world in which I could do something fun with Krispy Kreme, I wanted to do it.

It was a long conversation about what might make sense, but then last year I did my smoothie with Erewhon and it was called Strawberry Glaze Skincare Smoothie so this Strawberry Glaze flavour just started existing in my orbit and life. And then I decided that I wanted to make a scent that was reminiscent of strawberry, in general, but strawberry glaze specifically because when I was a kid my favourite doughnut ever was a strawberry-frosted doughnut with sprinkles. So this is a really nostalgic flavour for me because I would still go and get that doughnut to this day, that’s how much I love it.

And then when we were trying to figure out a flavour with Krispy Kreme, which is such an iconic brand, I found out that in the past they had a strawberry glazed doughnut that was a limited time kind of thing. So it’s been fun to do something with them that is a nostalgic flavour they’ve had before. And, honestly, I feel like when you smell the doughnut, the doughnut and the lip treatment smell exactly the same, so I’m just happy because it’s just been so fun and creative. And, like, who doesn’t love a Krispy Kreme doughnut?!

I also just loved that everyday strawberry makeup look you created...and your voiceover was so freaking soothing!

That’s so funny, thank you. I get so awkward with that stuff. I’m like, I don’t know if this sounds silly or what, but I was actually lying in bed and I was talking a little more quietly than usual, I don’t even know why, but it was at night, so I was just speaking soft and calm.

When you are creating or re-creating a makeup look on social, do you ever have an inkling that something is going to go viral or are you just doing you and then something pops off naturally?

Everything I do or re-create, like trying on the latte makeup, is just really fun for me. I like playing around just the same way everyone else does on TikTok, trying different trends and looks. When I did the strawberry makeup video it was obviously that was a little hint to what we had coming out, but I also said that because my cheeks were really red and my freckles were showing and it gave off a strawberry vibe. So the strawberry makeup was just a happy accident.

I like when makeup looks monochromatic, putting what I have on my cheeks on my lips, so it looks flushed the same way. And I like enhancing my freckles—it feels very sweet and fresh. But anything I show online is just my version of it and how I would do it or how I’m incorporating it into my day-to-day life. But then we have this strawberry collaboration coming out, so it all just fits perfectly into the vibe and I’m just having fun with it all.

And what’s the lip liner that you’re gravitating toward to pair it with the Strawberry Lip Treatment?

There are three that I always switch between. The Make Up For Ever one I still use all of the time called Anywhere Caffeine, and then Fara Homidi has her lip contour pencils that are really nice, and then I’ve been loving RMS Lip Pencils, which are newer I think. My makeup artist Leah Darcy used them on me and I was into them. Sometimes, I also mix two—I really like when it looks like your lips are contoured, like if you almost used bronzer on your lips, so I like mixing different lip liner shades for that effect.

We need to talk about cream blushes because I saw people freaking out in the comments of your video. Can you give us some sort of time frame where we can all expect another Rhode launch for cheeks?

So I think everybody was under the impression that we were teasing cream blushes as the next Rhode launch—sadly, it’s not, but it’s coming in the new year….That’s all I can say!

Okay, well, we’re all just really excited and counting down the days.

Nobody is more excited than me, I promise you! Like, one of the worst parts of this process for me is that I’m using this stuff for so long before it comes out and I get so excited about it and fall in love with it and want everyone to be able to have it…but there are so many steps to the process to get it out to the world and I just can’t contain myself!

Like, I’m not going to not use it in my routine, so I end up teasing it out because these are the things I’m really using and I want to be forthcoming about that. But it just sucks because when I do tease something, everybody gets excited and I’m like, “Sorry, it’s not coming out yet.” I literally did that with Rhode for like a year!

Why did you decide on cream blushes over powder?

I love to combine things, I’ll use a cream and put a little powder over it. But I like to be able to have something that I can dab on my fingers and can apply on the go. I like things that have convenience to them, like a stick blush or even a liquid blush, which is just easier for me to touch up on the go and something that you can throw in your bag.

We’ll be patiently waiting, but also—eep!—hurry! Okay, back to food-related beauty, are you dreaming up any future collaborations besides Krispy Kreme?

I’m really excited about seeing how the Krispy Kreme partnership goes. It’s been in the works for so long, but I love the food association, so I’d love to do more of it in the future.

I love makeup looks that are food related, so I’m always going to stay on that train, but it’s funny, I see so many people comment things like, “Why do we have to name everything after a food?” and I’m just like, it’s fun, who cares! But, yes, there are other collabs in the food space that are so nostalgic that I’m hoping to do, so we’ll see!

Speaking of makeup, in general, is there a look that is your go-to for date night?

With all of the makeup I do or wear, I take a skin-first approach. I love my skin to show through and I’m notoriously known for not wearing a lot of foundation. So in terms of date night, I want to look like myself.

I feel sexiest and beautiful in my own skin when I don’t have a ton of makeup caked on. I also love to look bronzed and do a little bit of a cheek or a little eyeliner but with no mascara. Recently, I have been really into enhancing my own freckles—I just feel like there is this youthfulness that comes from it, and I adore the look of freckles, so I’ve been adding them every day and date night.

Okay, last Q, and I’m totally switching gears to television here, but WE ALL NEED TO KNOW: How is it even possible that you’re only watching Sex and the City for the first time right now?!

I swear on my life that I’ve never seen the entire series before! I would catch little clips on E! or something when it would replay, but I have never sat there, as an adult and watched from season 1 to the end and I’m already on the last season!

Oh my gosh, you got through that fast!

Well, they’re only 20-minute episodes, so you can literally get through like half a season if you binge for, like, three hours. I’ve been going show by show by show, like I just rewatched Scandal and I just started How to Get Away With Murder. So, I was like, Sex and the City, I’ve just never taken the time to do it, but, like, what was I doing before?!

I literally was pausing the show and zooming in on Carrie’s outfits and taking a picture and sending it to my stylist saying, “This is the vibe, obviously,” and she was like, “Hailey, come on, we’ve known that this is the vibe for years....Carrie Bradshaw is the blueprint of everything.” But, like, the Carrie and Big saga, I can’t deal, but I’m so invested now.

I know, it’s a whole roller coaster.

But, like, where do I stop?! I’ve heard that after the first movie, I should just be done. Do I go into the new show or...?

The first movie I thought was great, but the second movie I wasn’t that into. As for the new show, it will never be SATC regular, but I can’t get enough of Carrie, so I kind of can’t stop watching.

That’s probably going to be me. I guess I’ll just roll it over into the new one.

You for sure will, but also, who is your favourite character?

I like all of them for different reasons, but I think Samantha is just the funniest in terms of not giving a fuck. But I do think they do a really great job, on the show, of displaying the humanness of each character.

Like, even though Samantha puts up this front of not caring about anything, you still see her humanness come out. I relate to each character in different ways—like, I’ve been there and I’ve done this, and I was like that, and I’m not exactly like that character but in ways, yes. It’s just such a well-written series—I don’t want it to end. I’m sad!

I’m glad you’ve finally joined the club, welcome.

I know, I’m so late. Everyone in the comments were like, What is happening? Literally, Kim [Kardashian] was like, “Are you okay?!” and I’m like, I guess not! Like I was getting so many text messages, like “You’re joking, right?” And I’m, like, no, I genuinely didn’t think me saying that was going to get this kind of response.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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