Hailey Bieber’s bouffant bob hair has 90s rom-com volume

hailey bieber with long dark brown hair worn down poses on a red carpet wearing black
Hailey’s bouffant bob has 90s rom-com energyDimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

All of a sudden, we're itching to watch allll our favourite 90s rom-coms, and we know why. Hailey Bieber just posted her new campaign shoot with Fila to her Instagram, and her jaw-length haircut has been transformed into the ultimate 90s bouncy bouffant bob. If you thought bob-babes couldn't get involved with the big hair trend or bouncy blows, think again. In fact, the shorter length means less weight on the hair allowing for maximum XXL volume that typically lasts longer, too.

Hailey's big bouncy curls are so luxe, yet packed with so much character. It almost tips further than the 90s leading lady... is the ultimate 'clean girl' going 'mob wife'?

This masterpiece was the work of celebrity hairstylist Bryce Scarlet. When Bryce takes a break from being Margot Robbie's absolute go-to (including all her Barbie tour looks), he works with the likes of Kaia Gerber, Lily Rose-Depp, and Hailey, of course. And it's easy to see why they love him.

Hailey's big brunette curls have so much depth and shine, they're sexily tousled in a way that doesn't in the 'real-world' look like she's been playing tennis to match the theme, but that in 'imaginary-perfect-world', gets into the spirit of the active shoot.

It's certainly a big switch up from the chic, 'cool girl' straight and wavy ways she's been styling her shorter length.

And who said bobs weren't versatile?

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