'They had it won' but Wolves can take the loss 'on the chin'

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Wolves missed out on securing a place in the FA Cup semi-finals at Wembley as two stoppage-time goals from Coventry City brought an end to their cup run.

The Telegraph's Luke Edwards believes it was "definitely an opportunity missed" for manager Gary O'Neil to cap off the 2023-24 season: "That's why it will sting so much. They should've beaten Coventry, injuries or not," he told BBC Radio 5 Live's Football Daily.

"You're at home against a team from a division below you. The expectation, regardless of the circumstances, are that you win that game. They had it won, didn't they? They had it at 2-1.

"I think he started this week being tipped as an outsider to replace Gareth Southgate as England manager, and then he's ended it getting knocked out of a quarter-final, at home, to a Championship team.

"But what a remarkable job he has done. He has exceeded expectations and they still have an outside chance of qualifying for Europe. It was probably just a little bit of a game too far for them.

"All being said and done, I think Gary O'Neil would admit that they should've won and it will be hugely, hugely frustrating and disappointing that they haven't done."

Former Tottenham and Newcastle defender Sebastien Bassong added: "It's a huge disappointment for them. Every team wants to go as far as possible. If you can bring some silverware back home, you will do it.

"However, I think Gary just explained the situation. I don't think he was blaming any injuries, I think he was just explaining what was happening. He took responsibility because, at the end of the day, as he rightly said, he is the one who should be able to make things work regardless of injuries.

"We've heard managers, many times, hiding behind injuries. But Gary, credit to him, explained it well. I don't think it will be hard for them to just get back on the road and finish the season. They are just going through the momentum. They can take this on the chin."

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