Gwen Stefani debuts newly dyed black and white 'skunk hair'

ICYMI, 'Gemini hair' is the latest colour trend taking over our social media feeds (cc. the OG influencer, me Miley Cyrus). And now, jumping onto the bandwagon and expanding our roster of ever-growing hairspo pics is Gwen Stefani with her take on the dual-toned look.

Just short of 24 hours ago, Gwen's makeup artist, Adam Burrell shared an Instagram post of the star which shows off her new hairstyle. However, tresses aside, the two-part carousel actually originated on our feeds to promote the singer's beauty brand, GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani.

For this, Adam shared a 'get the look' rundown in the caption of his post which you can read through below:

Now, aside from the stunning makeup look our favourite aspect of this glam has to be Gwen's fresh take on the two-toned hair trend. The ends of her platinum locks have been dyed jet-black, making for a skunk-like effect. That is, in the best way possible, ofc!

And not only do we love the star's new hair colour but we love how it has been styled, too. I mean, you can't get more punk rock than a space bun mohawk, can you? Props go out to Suzette "Boozer" – as she calls herself – celebrity hairstylist and genius behind Gwen's epic updo.

Now, I would say I'm off to book in at the salon to recreate said skunk look but I'm already ahead of the game... so, I guess it's your turn!

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