'That's just stupid': Test legend slams batting brain-fade

Gurinder Sandhu isn’t know for his prowess with the willow, but even he won’t enjoy the replays of his dismissal against Queensland in the Marsh Cup.

Tasmania were in dire straights at 6/116 when Sandhu joined James Faulkner at the crease.

You could be forgiven for taking a dim view of Sandhu’s ability with the bat, but the fast bowler did a good job of proving his doubters wrong by combining with Faulkner for an impressive recovery innings.

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It was all going smoothly until Sandhu looked to bring up his maiden List A half-century with a nice flick down to third man.

What should have been an easy three runs ended up costing Sandhu his wicket.

Sandhu was a bit pedestrian on his way back from the third run, for some reason opting not to ground his bat beyond the crease early.

His nonchalance was his downfall, as Queensland fielder Charlie Hemphrey’s throw to the non-striker’s end was dead on the money.

Both of Sandhu’s feet were off the ground and his bad was airborne as well when the ball thundered into the stumps - despite Sandhu being well past the crease.

As a result, he was sent back to the pavilion for 51, catching the ire of former Test captain Allan Border in the process.

Border, who was on commentary duty for Fox Sport, didn’t hold back.

“This will deserve an uppercut if this has been run out,” Border said.

Unfortunately for Sandhu, Border’s tirade continued once his wicket had been confirmed.

“Give yourself an uppercut, Gurinder. That’s just dumb cricket,” he said.

Tasmania'a Gurinder Sandhu was run-out after failing to ground his bat. Picture: Fox Sports Cricket

“He’s disappointed, as he should be. That’s just stupid.

“He knows how stupid that little situation is.”

Despite the unfortunate dismissal, Sandhu’s 51 was his side’s top score as Queensland had a productive start in the field.