'Gruelling South Africa trip finally here for Glasgow'

Glasgow Warriors fan's voice

It's finally here. A trip to South Africa and the most gruelling and demanding two weeks of the season.

By 19 May we will know what is at stake and what will be needed in the final week of the season to finish as near to the top of the URC as possible.

As the team fly out there is a few things we know for certain. South African teams are immense at home, they play fast and attacking rugby and they hit hard.

The destiny of the season is loosely in the hands of the Warriors. Big performing players were rested last time out and you’d expect Jack Dempsey, Matt Fagerson and Rory Darge to come back into the pack.

One thing I think helps us against these sides is how comfortable several of our players are under the high ball.

Kyle Steyn, Josh McKay and even Kyle Rowe take the ball incredibly well under pressure.

It's not make or break, but how incredible would it be to have Glasgow finishing top of the standings? If they are to do so, they need to come through these two weeks unscathed.