'This is gross mismanagement of funds'

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Here are some more of your views after Leicester City published their latest accounts for the 2022-23 season:

Stew: FFP feels like it has been set up to stop 'smaller' clubs from competing. How can you budget properly when the financial rewards are so vast? A team like Leicester, striving for European football, ended up instead being relegated. You have to spend to compete. When your revenue isn’t as expected, you still have to pay those wages.

Wayne: It was and is the 'perfect storm'. Every element adding up to a free fall. Things could also get a lot worse if we don't get promoted. We flew so high. Id' still much rather have experienced this past 12 years or so than mediocrity. I hope Top will deal with the areas that need addressing, and we can trust him.

David: Key point for me is the double whammy of Brendan Rodgers. First, he was oblivious to the defensive and set-piece problems that caused the failures and our demise, and then the cost of removing him and his staff. Always overpriced and overrated.

Sandra: I am horrified by the losses. Is this down to Khun Top's young age and lack of experience? I don't think we would have seen the huge losses under Khun Vichai's leadership. I think it's time Whelan, and probably Ruskin, stand down to eb replaced by people who can keep a proper check on the finances.

Jamie: Genuinely disgraceful management of the club from Top and the board. Years of giving massive wages to average players was always going to come back to bite. We could all see it happening. Pair that with Rodgers and co running it into the ground and we deserve everything we get. Time for King Power to sell and give us our club back.

PC: The club knows the rules. Whether you agree or disagree, this is gross mismanagement of funds. I hope those responsible on the financial side are punished accordingly.