Grilled Cheese And Orange Wine Are The Perfect Color-Coordinated Combo

Sliced grilled cheese sandwich
Sliced grilled cheese sandwich - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Most of us can agree that grilled cheese sandwiches are practically perfect just the way they are. Adding fruits, veggies, meat, seasonings, or a side of tomato soup can take your grilled cheese to the next level, but one of the things that makes this sandwich such a classic is its simplicity and how satisfying it can be all on its own. So, what better way to make your grilled cheese feel fresh and new than with a beverage that perfectly complements its flavors? One of the best ways to upgrade your grilled cheese is with an ideal wine pairing — after all, wine and cheese are a famously winning combo, so why not wine and a grilled cheese sandwich?

The art of wine pairing can be complex, so Mashed consulted an expert about the best wine to pair with a crispy and salty grilled cheese sandwich. Doreen Winkler is a natural wine sommelier, an orange wine expert, and the founder of Orange Glou, the world's first orange wine subscription service and wine store in New York City. If anyone would know what to sip alongside a grilled cheese, it would be her. And her answer? Orange wine, of course.

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Why Orange Wine Is A Grilled Cheese Sandwich's Perfect Companion

People toasting orange wine
People toasting orange wine - fornStudio/Shutterstock

When asked about the best wine to pair with a grilled cheese, Doreen Winkler knew her pick right away. "A grilled cheese sandwich and an orange wine always makes for an amazing pairing," Winkler told Mashed. The type of cheese in your sandwich does make a bit of a difference, though. She explained, "The creaminess of the cheese, often cheddar, pairs really well with lightly chilled amber wines like the Rkatsiteli from the Republic of Georgia. Some other flavorful cheeses like gruyere or even Cheez Whiz pair well with amber wines that have notes of tea, dried herbs, and salted apricot."

You may have noticed that orange wine is becoming increasingly popular, and this has a lot to do with its unique flavor. Orange wine is merely white wine that's fermented with its grape skins and seeds still intact. The result is a flavorful beverage that's both dry and sour, and it's ideal for folks who love hard ciders or sour beers. This flavor works perfectly with creamy cheeses, and of course, its orange hue will ensure that your meal is as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious.

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