“Grey’s Anatomy”: Teddy’s Fate Is Revealed, Meredith Keeps a Secret and the Interns Get a New But Familiar Boss

Simone Griffin (Alexis Floyd) and Lucas Adams (Niko Terho) also faced the consequences of performing an unauthorized surgery on the season 20 premiere of 'Grey’s Anatomy'

<p>Disney/Nino Muñoz</p> Kim Raver as Teddy Altman on "Grey

Disney/Nino Muñoz

Kim Raver as Teddy Altman on "Grey's Anatomy"

This post contains spoilers from the season 20 premiere of Grey's Anatomy.

Teddy Altman’s (Kim Raver) fate was revealed on the season 20 premiere of Grey's Anatomy.

The doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial raced to save Teddy’s life after she collapsed in the OR during the season 19 finale. Once she was stabilized following an emergency heart valve replacement, her husband, Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), insisted he stay by her side.

However, Teddy was not out of the woods, Winston Ndugu (Anthony Hill) later noticed that there was no pulse in one of Teddy’s legs and raced her back into surgery to save the limb and remove a blood clot while Owen was still worried Teddy “could die” because he only gave her a smoothie when she was in pain.

<p>ABC/Anne Marie Fox</p> Kevin McKidd, Caterina Scorsone, Anthony Hill and Jake Borelli on "Grey's Anatomy"

ABC/Anne Marie Fox

Kevin McKidd, Caterina Scorsone, Anthony Hill and Jake Borelli on "Grey's Anatomy"

As they waited for Teddy to get out of surgery, Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) told him, “Let go of the smoothie, Owen. I said awful and frustrating things to Derek the last time I saw him and I agonized over it constantly until someone convinced me to stop.”

Finally, Teddy woke up and she asked, “What happened?” as Owen kissed her forehead and held her close.

Read on to learn more about the season 20 premiere of Grey's Anatomy.

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The Interns Are in Jeopardy

The interns faced the consequences of going rogue. As fans may recall, Simone Griffin (Alexis Floyd) and Lucas Adams (Niko Terho) made the decision to perform emergency heart surgery on Sam Sutton (Sam Page) without an attending present while Benson "Blue" Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.) resuscitated Dr. Jules Millin’s (Adelaide Kane) elderly roommate, Maxine Anderson (Juliet Mills), against her wishes.

Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) wasted no time making sure the interns knew their jobs were in jeopardy, saying, “So which one of you am I firing?”

As the interns continued to blame each other for the chaos at the hospital, Nick insisted they all “stay here,” adding, “Do not move. Do not practice medicine.”

<p>Disney/Anne Marie Fox</p> Midori Francis, Harry Shum Jr., Nick Tehro, Adelaide Kane and Alexis Floyd on "Grey's Anatomy"

Disney/Anne Marie Fox

Midori Francis, Harry Shum Jr., Nick Tehro, Adelaide Kane and Alexis Floyd on "Grey's Anatomy"

Of course, the interns didn’t listen for long. Dr. Mika Yasuda (Midori Francis) left to go help Winston with a patient and Simone and Lucas followed suit. Outside the hospital, the pair jumped in to help an EMT get a patient to ER but they became trapped when the ambulance was repeatedly hit by a self-driving rideshare vehicle.

Meredith and Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) then instructed Simone and Lucas how to run a trauma inside the ambulance after realizing the patient was bleeding internally and told them to open him up in the ambulance.

After Sam’s death, Simone pleaded with Lucas to not move forward with surgery, telling him, “I can’t have another death on my hands because of you.” However, he insisted they cut the patient open and they ultimately stopped him from bleeding out until they could get inside the hospital.

Later, Simone told Lucas she could “lose everything” because of their mistake and he asked why she jumped into help. She replied, “Because I can’t say no to you, Lucas.” He further questioned if she had regrets about hooking up with him after calling off her wedding and she answered, “No, you and me last night. Everything’s happened so fast and I think I need a minute.”

After the disorder at the hospital, Nick announced he was leaving the hospital to be with Meredith in Boston and putting Bailey in charge of the interns, saying, “You all still work here. But, I no longer do. I’m leaving but it’s not because of you… I still believe you and always will. And I’m not worried because I’m leaving you in very capable hands.”

Bailey then entered the room and said her iconic line from the pilot: “I have five rules.”

<p>Disney/Anne Marie Fox</p> Scott Speedman and Chandra Wilson on "Grey's Anatomy"

Disney/Anne Marie Fox

Scott Speedman and Chandra Wilson on "Grey's Anatomy"

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Meredith’s Career in Peril

The interns weren’t the only ones facing repercussions for their actions. Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) was doing “damage control” with her foundation’s donors after Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) expressed they were focusing on the "wrong things" in their Alzheimer's research.

After Meredith stepped out of the line, Catherine threatened her, saying, “You have two options. Shut about your theories on Alzheimer’s or I shut down your lab.”

<p>ABC/Anne Marie Fox</p> Ellen Pompeo and Debbie Allen on "Grey's Anatomy"

ABC/Anne Marie Fox

Ellen Pompeo and Debbie Allen on "Grey's Anatomy"

When she told Nick that she didn’t know if she had a job left in Boston after her conversation with Catherine, he responded, “Well, you do if you shut up about research. Hey, look you’ll find a way, you always do.”

Later, Meredith promised she would return to her original research, explaining, “You gave me an opportunity to make a difference. That is what I will do. I will stick with what’s being funded. You win” and Catherine responded, “I always do.”

Despite the conversation, Meredith met up with Amelia and told her she planned to continue her own research in secret, saying, “I need you to help me keep it going but nobody can know.”

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A Love-Hate Romance

Jules was still feeling mixed emotions after declaring that she loved — and hated — Benson "Blue" Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.) for saving Maxine in the season finale. Maxine told her roommate, who was still sedated, “It’s not why I’m here. I’m here to work. And now my job is on the line because of what he did but I’m really glad you are still alive.”

Blue later told Jules why he made the decision to go against Maxine’s DNI, explaining, “I’m not an idiot. I wouldn’t have ignored any other patients’ DNI but you love Maxine and I know what it feels like to lose someone you love and I didn’t want you to have to go through that.”

<p>Disney/Anne Marie Fox</p> Harry Shum Jr. and Adelaide Kane on "Grey's Anatomy"

Disney/Anne Marie Fox

Harry Shum Jr. and Adelaide Kane on "Grey's Anatomy"

During a conversation in the stairwell, Jules continued to send mixed signals to Blue. When he asked her to come over later, she responded, “I said I hated you. I mean I also said I love you but I said I hated you.”

“So what cancels the other out?” he clarified as she replied, “What I’m saying is I clearly wasn’t making sense. I was an emotional mess because of Maxine and vulnerability leads to emotional extremes.”

Ultimately, she ultimately apologized for giving him the “wrong idea” about the status of their relationship. He then said, “No, it’s a relief. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I agree. It’s better. So things won’t be weird.”

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