‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 20, ‘Station 19’ Final Season Posters Revealed

Grey’s Anatomy is headed into its 20th season, and that big milestone is front and center in the series’ official poster, which features cast members arranged around the number 20. Like last year’s official cast photo, this year’s poster includes the main cast, plus recurring guest stars Debbie Allen (who is also Grey’s executive producer/director) and Scott Speedman. (The only person missing from last year’s group is Kelly McCreary who exited the series last season.)

Naturally, the three remaining original cast members, Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr., are most prominent.(As Deadline reported in our Season 20 preview, Pompeo, who is an executive producer, will continue to get top billing. While technically no longer a series regular, she still does the voiceovers and recurs, with her character Meredith remaining the heart of the show.)

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Among the rest, current couples Owen (Kevin McKidd) & Teddy (Kim Raver) and Link (Chris Carmack) and Jo (Camilla Luddington) are pictured together, as are the five interns.

The poster is just the one of many ways ABC will mark Grey’s big anniversary.

“Right now we’re really focused on the momentous 20th season of Grey’s Anatomy, which is still amazing to say and is amazing to celebrate,” Disney’s Craig Erwich, who oversees ABC told Deadline last month. “You’ll see that celebration on air, both in terms of the stories that they’re telling which continue to be of the highest quality and how we celebrate a show that is so iconic and so associated with ABC and one that we’re just so honored to have. It’s helped define the network over the last 20 seasons.”

Station 19‘s fiery Season 7 poster reminds fans of the show’s pending departure with the tagline “The final season ignites.”

Featuring the 11 series regulars, the poster is anchored by star Jaina Lee Ortiz and Jason George who left Grey’s Anatomy to help launch the spinoff.

“Every show has its own journey so to speak. In the case of Station 19, it was time to bring that story to an end,” Erwich told Deadline last night about the decision to end the series with Season 7. “I love Station 19, and I think what’s amazing about Station 19 is that it was yes, a spinoff of Grey’s. But it really became its own show that stood on its own creatively and was fully realized and unique unto itself, and we’ve been very proud to have it on the air.”

Read Deadline’s story on the upcoming final Grey’s Anatomy-Station 19 crossover and whether George and Stefania Spampinato could return to Grey’s.

Both series return with new episodes March 14.

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