Grey’s Anatomy EP Unpacks the Premiere’s ‘Perfect Moment’ Harkening Back to Episode 1

Thursday’s Season 20 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy brought Bailey full circle.

As soon as Nick revealed to his motley crew of interns that he was outta there — Mer and Boston beckoned — he introduced his replacement, the former chief who first rattled off her “five rules” to residents in the long-running drama’s very first episode. “It’s a perfect moment,” says showrunner Meg Marinis. Agreed.

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“When we knew that we wanted to move Nick out of that teaching position, it just seemed so obvious to me that it needed to be Bailey,” the EP continues. “Because she just won the award of awards [the Catherine Fox Award] for surgery, right? And she won it for teaching. Yes, it was for teaching reproductive care, but it was for teaching. Where do you go once you’ve hit the top?”

In Marinis’ estimation, you make tracks for square one and retrace your steps, only better. As she puts it, you “start back over and see what you can do with it. Has Bailey been in that teaching role before? Yes. But now she has 20 years of experience and 20 years of life that she’s lived, so it’ll be an evolved version” of the taskmaster once known as the Nazi.

greys anatomy season 20 mashup
greys anatomy season 20 mashup

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It isn’t only going to be Bailey who’s getting back to basics in Season 20, either. “That’s a theme that’s coming across in a bunch of stories,” Marinis teases. “You’ll not only see it with Bailey but with others, too.” Read the full recap of the Season 20 premiere here.

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