Grey’s Anatomy Boss Warns That Meredith’s Bold Move Comes With ‘Challenges’… for Amelia?

Grey’s Anatomy Boss Warns That Meredith’s Bold Move Comes With ‘Challenges’… for Amelia?

In Thursday’s Season 20 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy (recapped here), Meredith told Catherine that she’d won. Grey would give up her controversial Alzheimer’s research. And if that didn’t sound like the rebel that we know and love, there was a perfectly good reason for it: She was lying through her teeth. In the final moments of the episode, she recruited sister-in-law Amelia keep going with the work in secret.

“It’s not going to go as easy as they hope. Secret research is never smooth,” showrunner Meg Marinis tells TVLine with a laugh. “There will be challenges.”

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One is sure to be Mer and Amelia’s fraught history. “There’s always a way to find conflict between those two,” the EP says. At least the Catherine Fox Award winner no longer considers Derek’s kid sister a hopeless screwup. “Their relationship has come very far. Amelia being seen as a neurosurgeon outside of Derek’s shadow” has helped and continues to help, too.

Which is all well and good, right? Except that, unless Grey’s Anatomy plans to fictitiously cure Alzheimer’s, it would seem like this storyline can only go so far. Marinis has a different POV on that. “Does it trap us? No,” she says. “Part of the fun of research on the show is what’s happening while they’re researching — what’s happening in their relationships, how is their personal life impacting how they’re working on this.

“It’s also really fun to have that sister dynamic, because [Meredith, Amelia and Maggie are no longer] in the same place, so we don’t get to see that as a regular thing so much anymore. So having this shared research between the two of them really brings that nostalgic sister relationship to the fore.”

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With regard to actually curing Alzheimer’s, Marinis doesn’t see that as the point of the plot. It’s about “just honoring the experience of everyone that’s living through that disease,” she says, “and the hope that they have.”

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